Herbal Essence Shampoo

After seeing those commercials of women going into orgasmic bliss (YES! YES! OH YES!) while using Herbal Essence shampoo, I decided to grab some today and see what effect it has on men, if any. I took a shower tonight, and it didn’t make me scream out “yes” multiple times, or shake my head in orgasmic convulsions, or any other interesting behavior.

However, I did find myself humping the walls.

KKK Still Inducts Stupid People

Here’s proof that the KKK are still going after extremely stupid people. During an intiation ceremony (and I use that term loosely), a 45 year old moron fired a bullet into the air, which promptly came down out of the sky and hit the new blindfolded KKK member, a 24 year old moron, right in the head. Haven’t they heard of the fact, what goes up, must come down? Fortunately, the bullet made an exit out of the bottom of the skull. It’s a good thing his brain was so tiny, as he was able to survive.

The new KKK motto: Stupidity in large numbers.

Man, No Food Or Drink In 68 Years

Now here’s something you don’t hear everyday. An Indian man who claims divine inspiration says he has survived 68 years without eating, drinking or relieving himself, baffling doctors who are unable to prove him an imposter. 400 doctors put him under survellience for 10 days, and were baffled to see that he wouldn’t eat, drink, nor relieve himself in that time span. They can’t prove he has done it for 68 years, but if a man can go 10 days, that’s a feat in itself.

Divine or not, that is a personal hell for me. Good food and drink are the one constants in my life that brings happiness.

Dixie Chicks Still Spewing

Natalie Maines, singer (and I use that term loosely) of Dixie Chicks, is still spewing and spouting about the war in Iraq and how we were misled, even though she and her group got boycotted, for stating that she’s ashamed that President Bush is from Texas. Okay, that in itself was one of those “WTF?” moments. I mean, Texas is a state, full of people, and she wants to lay down a stereotype of Texan that Texas equals BAD, EVIL, UGLY?

That wasn’t enough though, as she’s still going at it. Here’s a bit of her statements:

Though Maines apologized for the phrasing of her remark, some radio stations banned the group’s music. The group also received death threats in the wake of Maines’ comments.
Maines said Friday she did not feel vindicated by how the war has unfolded: “I would have liked to have been proven wrong.”

That’s right, she would’ve loved to have it before, whereas Iraqis still lived in terror, where justice wasn’t around, where women were treated like slaves and forbidden to do anything that American women take for granted. She wouldn’t be whining about the war if Saddam was still around, supporting terrorists, and have those terrorist kill thousands of people again. Women in Iraq can’t even voice out like she does their opinions, without being shot on sight or hunted like a dog. She doesn’t care about the opressed people around the world, all she cares about is making money singing what people seem to call “country music” although people like Boxcar Willie would laugh at the very notion.

Quite frankly, Maine hasn’t even be proven right, but she’ll go on believing she is, living in that little fantasy world of her’s. I love how she’s so anti-war, yet she doesn’t have an inkling of the amount of intelligence that the CIA and military has, regarding the situation in Iraq. She criticizes President Bush, yet she’s singing pop music, branding it as country. President Bush is making important decisions everyday while she’s writing about white trash weddings and men who won’t buy her rings. Good grief. Grow up, girl.