Marijuana != Chocolate

While surfing around some RSS feeds, I’ve found a Q&A on Ask Yahoo asking Why do people crave chocolate?. They asked some experts, and it looks like chocolates has the same basic agent as marijuana, stimulating the same receptors in the brain. To get truly high though, you’d have to ingest 25lbs. of chocolate. So the question begs to be asked; what happens if you got both marijuana and 25lbs. of chocolate? Would we truly get to meet St. Peter at the gates of heaven?

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  1. a.

    So that’s why I was always giddy and happy and overly hyper as a child when I consumed chocolate.

    Is that why I crave it when I’m being visited by the lady in red? To get high and forget my contant PMSing?

  2. All hail A! All hail A! Be kind, please rewind! Oh, say can you seeeeee…

  3. smartfd

    You’d be one wacky man if you knocked back 25lbs of chocolate AND a spliff. At least the weed would knock down the sugar psychosis brought on by the chocolate.

    Who needs crack anyways?

  4. You make it sound like you’ve had first-hand experience, smartfud. ;)

  5. I’d comment but for some reason I can’t remember what I was going to say. :) :)

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