Herbal Essence Shampoo

After seeing those commercials of women going into orgasmic bliss (YES! YES! OH YES!) while using Herbal Essence shampoo, I decided to grab some today and see what effect it has on men, if any. I took a shower tonight, and it didn’t make me scream out “yes” multiple times, or shake my head in orgasmic convulsions, or any other interesting behavior.

However, I did find myself humping the walls.

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  1. Matt Burris

    Never been in a shower that didn’t have tile walls. :P

  2. I’m speechless. The vivid mental image I am putting together in my head right now is making no sense.

    And the thought of you smelling like women’s shampoo is well…strange.

  3. Matt Burris

    Oh go on, admit it Allison, you just love a man who smells womanly. :P

  4. Quinn1981

    You are sick man. Very sick. ;-)

  5. CJ

    Ugh…my brain is scarred…..


    I did not expect that from you… LOOOOL

    i spewed my coffee as GC usually DOES with pepsi, Good am the one who asks questions here :-)

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