Flu Away, Begone

I’ve came down with a nasty cold or flu, complete with stuffy nose and sore throat. It’s been bothering me for the past couple of days, and no amount of hot sauce or juices (or both) seems to have much effect. Although the hot sauces do turn the stuffy nose into a runny nose, but not for very long.

I had a really fantastic Thanksgiving with my mom and her husband. I cooked a whole feast for them, and while it took 4 hours and the kitchen was pretty hot even on a cold day, it was well worth it in the end. Everything turned out great; the BBQ turkey, fruit ambrosia, collard greens, cornbread, stuffing, stuffed celery, and sweet potatoes with cranberry glaze. You can see a picture I took when we sat down at the table with everything on it, right here.

I’m making this post using Zempt, a neat utility that allows you to post to Movabletype without using the web interface, which I find a lot easier and efficient. It’s a slick program, and while still in beta form, quite solid and feature-rich. If you use it, and get a Error 500 prompt, check this thread where I think I found the solution to the problem, which involves SOAP:Lite and installing it.

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  1. A little envy here, since Wife doesn’t allow collard greens in the house and there aren’t that many restaurants around here that serve them.

  2. Matt Burris

    I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want greens in the house, considering they’re quite healthy.

    I’m surmising you’re from Jacksonville, based on what I read on your journal. Not sure if you know that I was born and raised there, but it’s nice to hear about Terry Parker and other local high schools again. I went to Sandlewood and Wolfson High.

    I believe Famous Amos still serve greens if you ever sneak there. Or if you sneak some in your house when the wife isn’t around, just take 2lbs of collard greens, 4 cups of water, 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar, lots of crushed red pepper, and salt, and it should be quite good. I usually go without the ham hock, but it doesn’t hurt to throw it in too.

  3. Close. Moved from Jax to the Orlando area about 25 years ago where I pretty much have to go to Bubbalou’s for the greens. The sister-in-law will be here for Christmas, though, and between the two of us we’ll have to give your recipe a try, with the ham hock.

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