Going To Dallas, Texas

I was invited by NVIDIA to Dallas, Texas from December 16th to December 20th for the Cyberathlete Professional League event for the Winter 2003 Championship. I will get to check out professional gamers from all over the world compete for cash prizes of up to $130,000. I’m pretty excited, and I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures with my digital camera and post them up. I’ll also have an article up on 3DGPU, of course.

I’ve installed a script from Textism that allows me to see the referring sites to this site. You can see it here. It’s always interesting to see who is linking Good Blimey. Right now Google has me near the top on the first page pointing towards the AOL 9.0 Optimized post. Been getting some interesting (and dumb) comments lately due to that. It’s a testimony of how following web standards help give great exposure on Google since all the code is clean, efficient, and proper semantics.

I got another surprise today, besides the invitation to Dallas. Received a package via FedEx from Sony Online Entertainment a final boxed copy of Lords of Everquest, a 3D RTS game quite similar to Warcraft 3. It was a surprise, because whilst I used to get review copy of games a while back, I haven’t been reviewing much lately, yet they sent me a copy anyways. It was a nice early Christmas present, and I plan to have a review of it up online at 3DGPU once I get enough playing time into it.

A former marine whined to me, so I’ll have to make this update and give credit to Brian for hooking me up with this opportunity, primarily because he already has a wife and all he’d do at Dallas anyways is get drunk, play lots of games, and flirt with all the booth girls. ;) Not that I plan on doing that too …

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  1. Brian3DGPU

    I see, no mention of the fact that a trult stalwart friend seized the opportunity to provide a life-long pal with a once in a lifetime all expenses paid trip to a premiere gaming event….

    I see….

  2. Joe

    Thanks for the Textism Refer link. I’m curious though. My webhost is also 1and1, but I can’t get the script to work when I insert the “recording” code into my .htaccess file. I always get a 500 error. Are you using this method, or the ‘PHP code added to each document’ method? If it is the .htaccess method, how did you get it to work with 1and1?


  3. Matt Burris

    I also tried the .htaccess method, but like you, kept getting the 500 error. I was forced to place the code at the bottom of every page.

    I’m thinking 1and1 has disabled support for .htaccess, possibly due to the powerful nature of it, or perhaps just for those of us who joined the promotional deal.

    I’ll email them and see if I can get a response on the .htaccess situation, as it is something I’d really like to get into.

  4. Joe

    Thanks for the response. I’m kind of glad to find out that it wasn’t something I was doing wrong ;)

    I’m sure it’s not the most interesting thing to your other visitors, but I would be interested in the response you get to your email to 1and1.

    Thanks again!

  5. I use 1and1 for hosting my website as well. 1and1 does seem to support .htaccess I tried the following “ErrorDocument 404 /404Test.html” and it worked fine.
    However, when I added the follwing I got the following error “error 500: Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.”

    <Directory /kunden/homepages/17/htdocs/public_html>
    AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Options

  6. I’m thinking they have restrictions on what you can modify in the .htaccess file. I’ve ran in the same thing you have Daniel. I haven’t gotten a response from 1and1 on some things I couldn’t figure out, but I don’t have any room to complain really, considering this is all free.

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