Capture Of Saddam Hussein

The capture of Saddam Hussein today is a pretty big psychological victory, but still just a step towards victory of this war on terror. It is exciting nevertheless, considering the brutal rule that Saddam and his sons enacted, is now at an end. Perhaps now it’ll be smoother sailing for Iraq to enter a prosperous time, and maybe finally a reformed Middle East will be possible. I think our children of the future will appreciate it, when they don’t have to worry about terrorists constantly killing innocent people, thinking that the deaths of these people will get them into paradise, which is just absurd.

CNN has the news on the capture, with information that Saddam was found in a hole carved in the cellar of a farmhouse. The hole is narrow, dank, and smelly. It seems ironic that a powerful and sinister ruler ends his day in a dark, dank hole in a farmhouse, hiding from the U.S. and allied forces. They said he had a pistol and around $750,000 on him, but did not fire the pistol when he faced his captors. That should be sign enough to his loyal followers what a coward the man is.

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  1. Richard

    While great news for Iraqis, Saddam Hussein’s capture does nothing to combat the war on terror. Saddam Hussein oppressed and butchered the people of Iraq, but he has never been connected in any significant way to international terrorists.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. While this is a terrific “feel good” event, and a step toward closure for Iraqis, the rest of the world has not been made at all safer.

  2. CloakedKnight

    No links to terrorism? So what is all that money Saddam has been paying to families of Hamas suicide bombers, offering $10k to $15k to the family of anyone who murders Israelis via suicide bombing? If thats not directly supporting terrorism, I don’t know what is.

    And then there was his planning of an assasination against a former US president.

    Anyway, I think it’s pretty clear that Saddams use of chemical weapons against civilians and his use of the threat of torture and death to supress opposition makes him a leading terrorist himself.

  3. Cindy

    Cheers to Cloaked Knight.

    Saddam never flew a 747 into a tower full of people, but he has most definitely funded his share of terrorism. You’d have to be ignorant to believe that he was only cruel to the people in the country that he lived in. I see Saddam as a modern day Hitler, and I am pleased that he was found and captured. I only hope that the U.S. does not set out to make an example of him, but instead chooses to take the high road and offer him whatever justice is deemed appropriate by all involved. It’s too easy to torture him, or sentence him to death. There are millions of Iraqi people that deserve to have their day, and with Saddam in custody, my hope is that they have it. How often do you have the opportunity to serve justice to someone who’s had nothing but a tyrannical rule over you?

    My only other hope is that we find bin Laden soon, and the entire terrorist network can be de-structured. Unfortunately, I realize that it’s pointless to dream that big, because there will always be Saddam’s and Osama’s in this world. As soon as they are removed, there are plenty of loose cannons to take their place.

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