Evolution Is Offensive, Your Honor

In an article on MSNBC, they state that Georgia wants to strike out the word “evolution” in schools to “biological changes over time.” I object, your honor, I surpassed puberty many years ago. It was horrifying, and the biological changes over me in time was similar to the black plague. One must really wonder, what is offensive about the word, “evolution?” Is it a curse now? I find it hard to believe that someone can swear at you with, “You evil evolution of a pig! Mongrels like you are an evolution to society!”

Now I know that a lot of people are getting their panties in a twist about the theory of Evolution and God (or insert your own deity here), but this is clearly overkill. Science is about truth, there’s no fiction in it. If science teaches us that a fossil is 12 million years old, then by golly it’s 12 million years old, no matter how blue in the face the Bible gets telling us otherwise. If man came from the seas as first a fish, then a monkey, then we need to find out why science tells us that, not why it proves the Bible wrong, or vice versa. The Bible is not a scientific tool, it’s a religious tool. It’s based on faith. Science and religion shouldn’t intermingle on a professional level, only on a personal level. A scientist can be a Christian, and I will applaud any that can be both, for it surely can’t be easy. I have a dear friend who is a microbiologist and a devout Christian, and the man is not only extremely smart, but a good person in every sense of the word. Striking out the word evolution won’t do anything good, it’ll just contribute to the ignorance of kids, and frankly we have enough kids who are ignorant to many facts in the world.

A Day In The Life

I’ve been extremely busy the past few days, hence the slow down of posts. Here’s a run down of what’s going on in my life:

  • Made a huge batch of cajun boiled peanuts on the stove, smells very good. Crushed red pepper flakes, chopped scotch bonnets, crab boil mix, clove of garlic, chili powder. Yum. I’m ready for the Superbowl tomorrow, and also the Florida Gators basektball game today.
  • Working on a design for a friend, or former stepbrother, who plays in a band. Will unveil when ready.
  • May have first web design job with pay, we’ll see.
  • Did a chat with Epic Games and NVIDIA on IRC, which lasted for 2 hours. The fruits of my labor can be seen here. Over 600 people joined the chat.
  • Between all this, trying to update my dad’s website, which frankly isn’t something I’m proud of (design-wise nor content-wise). Very time-consuming, and yet he’s so demanding. What’s a son to do?
  • When I do have any free time, I try to relax by playing Freelancer.

Gondor Accepted Into UN

In a surprising turn of events, the United Nations has accepted Gondor as a member of the UN. Although the news was met with applause, some questioned the decision:

“Some member states objected to the admission of Gondor on the grounds that it is not a real country. Annan brushed aside these concerns.

“Come on now,” he replied. “Neither is Luxembourg, but we let them in. Besides, after seeing the magnificent infrastructure in the capital, Minas Tirith, I have no doubt that Gondor’s dues, which will be based on its total GNP, will comprise a welcome addition to the U.N. budget.”

WordPress CSS Style Competition

Alexking.org is holding a WordPress CSS Style Competition, with 3 prizes being awarded to the top 3 styles submitted to the contest. Entries must be submitted by February 6th. I may try my hand at this, and see what I can come up with. I’ve just tried WordPress recently, and I really like it, so this will be a great opportunity for me to get more familiar with it.