An After Life

It’s not often when I’m absolutely floored by a website, but I’ve found one just now and I had to share it. The site uses Flash, and though I don’t care too much for Flash, this site puts it to very good use. The photos are truly stunning, and I’m finding myself drawn to the site constantly. It takes place at Streatham Cemetery, which is in London.

See it for yourself. Oh yes, Happy New Year!

Update: Found another fantastic site, this time with a Quicktime video and a great song to go along with it. Very inspiring and creative. It’s 18MB, but well worth the download if you’re on broadband.

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  1. Thanks Matt, the Streatham Cemetary site is fascinating, you just kinda keep watching waiting for the next thing to happen and it draws you in. Probably the most innovative uses of flash I’ve ever seen and really peaceful as well.

    The Over Time and Understand site is a great piece of design as well, have you checked out the rest of the site?

  2. Yep, I’ve checked out the home page for Over Time And Understand. Very nifty!

    Don’t you love that cemetery site? Great music, the photos are great, and I love seeing what animation will take place in each picture. It’s the only time I’ve ever liked a cemetery.

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