Resolutions For The Year 2004

Here are some resolutions I hope to achieve for the year 2004:

  1. Get over my addiction to Pepsi, and consequently, caffeine.
  2. Exercise daily, and try to lose some weight. Tone up the muscles, get in better shape.
  3. Don’t get upset when roommate’s dog barf on my bed in the morning.
  4. Figure out why older women stalk me.
  5. Open up my company, Designtopia, and make some money.
  6. Improve my design skills, learn what I haven’t learn yet, and refine current skills
  7. Get out of the country, move back to civilization.
  8. Continue eating healthy, and develop cooking skills to reflect that.
  9. Be more open with my life to others.
  10. Try to remember to be the big brother to the little brothers and sisters.
  11. Hone my writing skills even further, expand my vocabulary.
  12. Get dental work, stop procrastinating.
  13. Reach all the goals set above.

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  1. I qualified for 8 of the 13 items. Freaky. It would have been 9 but I waffled on #4 when I remembered that my older woman married me 18 years ago and has slept topless with me ever since. ;)

    (btw, the site looks fantastic – I really love how it looks and works and feels.)

  2. Heh, lucky you.

    Thanks, I’m glad you like the site. I’ve been getting heavily into web design, which is why I haven’t been around 3DGPU much. I’ll unveil another surprise soon.

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