I’m A Geek Because

You know you’re a computer geek like me when:

  • you get excited when you get mouse feet for your ailing mouse.
  • you start using the * wildcard on government and tax forms.
  • you try to figure out how to code the fridge using DIVS & CSS only.
  • you can claim you played Dark Age of Camelot for 19 and a half hours non-stop.
  • the computer makes a sudden weird noise, you know exactly what’s wrong.
  • someone says “802.11n“, you smile happily.
  • you tried unsuccessfully to sell your mom to the slave market for an iPod.
  • you have fond memories of the “tracert” DOS command.
  • playing Doom the first time is the highlight of your life.
  • all the letters/symbols on your keyboard have been faded off completely for years.
  • you don’t freak out when someone types to you that they need a new skin.

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