Good Advice On Jalapenos

Here’s some good advice from a personal bad experience regarding putting jalapeno peppers into a blender: Don’t sniff the blender afterwards!

My brain is still trying to figure out what in the world happened. I really need to get a food processor.

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  1. ROFLMAO :) :)
    Is laughing OK as long as I don’t point. :)

  2. Sonya

    Whoa…you’re dangerous in the kitchen. Sir, step away from the blender!

    I like the format of this journal! I’m glad I found you!


  3. Thanks Sonya, glad you like it. :)

    P.S. Jalapeno sniffing is not going to ever become a hobby here.

  4. Capsaicin (the alkaloid that makes chilis hot) is a pretty dangerous thing. I do know that pure capsaicin is a regulated substance, and why not? On the Scoville scale (“heat” index), your wimpy jalapeños are at a mere 2 500-5 000 units. Habaneros come in at up to 350 000, and pure capsaicin is 16 000 000 units. As you may imagine, capsaicin is a popular part of pepper sprays.

  5. Clay: Have you seen this page?

    One of these days when I got some spare $$$, I intend to get the ones at the top of the scale. Right now, the hottest hot sauce I have is Megadeath, which is pretty good, but it’s not so hot for me anymore. I need something hotter.

    As for the jalapenos, they’re mild for me, but since I was putting it in salsa, I had to make sure it wasn’t too hot, for my roommate likes my salsa too.

  6. Crikey. Habaneros (in the 350 000 range) are more than enough for me. Capsaicin crystals? That’s not hot sauce, that’s magma.

  7. Brandon

    Still messing with Jalapenos aye?? When will you learn, boy??

  8. Jalapenos are nothing to me now, haberneros aren’t that hot to me either. I have to go to the concentrated stuff these days. Noone eats my cooking anymore either, for some reason.

    This is my hottest sauce I have now:

    I remember me and Joel used to eat banana peppers for a snack after school while we do our homework. I should grab some at the store today, I haven’t had them in years.

  9. wow those pepers are too hot for me and i tried one of them adn i almost cried,
    (habanaros and jalpenos)
    wow holy sh**

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