The Darkness Rocks

Finally my generation has a Led Zeppelin, classic rock with balls to the walls riffs – The Darkness. They’re from London, and their new album, Permission To Land has gone platinum 4 times in the U.K. They’re getting some major attention here in the States too, with word that their live shows are spectacular. I got the album today and have been really enjoying it. It’s good to hear good old rock and roll that wasn’t born in the 70’s or 80’s. Think classic Led Zeppelin rock infused with hair band 80’s rock, toss in AC/DC’s energy, then mix in some modern influence, and that’s The Darkness. Very good stuff.

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  1. Just listened to the video for “Christmas Time(Don’t Let the Bells End)”. They sound a lot like Queen (which is just fine with me). I’ll have to check it out. They don’t make enough classic rock anymore.

    One quibble – what the *hell* is up with their site? It resized my browser (which irritated the hell out of me). The site design seems ok otherwise but the itty-bitty footprint that it insisted on was criminally small.

  2. It did that to me. Fortunately I use a little Favelet that resizes my browser to 1024 width and the height of your full screen, with room to spare for the taskbar.

    You can find these awesome Favelets at:

  3. Great songs, very catchy. I don’t think they take themselves overly seriously either.

  4. They shouldn’t take anything seriously either, in fact, they shouldn’t change at all. They are fantastic as they are now.

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