A Flame From The Past

Reading the title, you’d think some girlfriend from the past has showed up at my doorstep or something, but I quite literally mean a flame from the past. Back in 2000, I worked on a hardware site called GA-Hardware (now dead, as well as the network it was based on, Gamer’s Alliance). During that time, I had my hands full, running 3DGPU.com, GA-Hardware, and eUniverseGames (dead too). This was around the time when the dot.com chaos was taking place, which is exactly why the GA Network died and I didn’t get a paycheck anymore.

Anyways, back to the story. Working at these sites, I would check my mail, and post the news from sites that sent in their news. I relied on good faith, that the news they sent me was legit. I visited a majority of the site, checked the content, making sure I wasn’t posting a link to an amateur site with no skills or information. Some I didn’t have time for, and this one site decided to abuse my trust.

This article flamed me, and big time. It was written back in May of 2000, so it’s a little old. It’s hilarious to stumble on something through Google, and see someone flame you for something you did years ago. Caution though, the articles has a lot of cursing, and the guy who wrote it was clearly a homophobe.

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  1. You used to get *paid* for this stuff? Huh. ;)

  2. Whose site do you think gets more hits now? Who has cred in the community? Who sets up highly successful IRC interviews with Epic and NVIDIA?

    Scoreboard, Matt. They’re still stuck in the land of the griefer screed. I’m sure the echoes inside their head is deafening by this time. ;)

  3. Good grief, what an idiot. I wonder why people feel they can win a debate or an argument by swearing and hurling insults at the person they are in a disagreement with.
    All that happens is they immdiately lose and they make themselves look inane.
    Anyone who can debate intelligently and put forward a sound argument will always at least have the benefit of continuing a good conversation in a friendly manner and if one or the other isn’t swayed then agree to differ. At least then you can go back and debate other issues and enjoy the conversations.

  4. Brian3DGPU

    OMG! ROFL! I had completely forgotten about that article. Remember when the Inq threatened to sue us?

  5. Hey Brian, I remember that, it was hilarious. Particularly funny coming from a site like The Inquirer.

  6. The article they wrote implying that I’m a communist is here: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=4801

    Here’s what Mike Magee wrote to me in email (they gave me permission to post it, how nice!) This was on August 5th, 2002:

    “I notice you’ve decided to have a go at our magazine today in the “More NV30″ rumour section. Would you care to explain why you have? I’m very interested and thought I’d give you a chance to explain your snideness. Obviously you’re not a journalist, or you’d have asked first :)”

    The reply from me, he posted in full in the article linked above. Here’s his response:

    “Cool Matt – I’ll add your comments in straight away… Thanks for the courtesy of replying :) Are you a socialist, can I ask?”

    My reply:

    “No, I don’t consider myself a socialist, fundamentalist, right wing, left wing, or any other silly stereotypes. I’m just a human being with opinions. By the way, good job twisting my email around with the headline: “3D GPU agrees with Nvidia. The INQUIRER sucks” – even though nowhere did it say NVIDIA (the company itself) says you “suck”, I mentioned employees, as in the individuals, who are also entitled to their opinions. Ironically enough, I never said you guys suck either, but hey, if you want to make up words that you believe is true, go for it. Nevertheless, I know your site is probably just starving for attention, so that’s okay with me. :)”

    Mike’s reply:

    “Hi Matt Thanks for your unsolicited email below. First thing UK time, I’m calling Nvidia Europe to ask if anyone at the company agrees with your “opinions”, which you put forcefully and as facts, although I note you name no names, and which I decided to publish on the INQUIRER after repeated aggravation on your behalf. If Nvidia does agree with your opinion, which you imply below it does, I will cancel their advertising on my site forthwith. I cannot do with people weaselling their words – I’d prefer people to call a spade a spade, personally. You are welcome to post this > email on your site. Enough is enough. You’re good at spouting dictionary words. Have you ever heard the expression “good manners”?”

    Wow, it’s fun airing dirty laundry from the past. ;) I never heard from NVIDIA on this matter, so either Mike pulled a bluff, or NVIDIA just laughed in their face. I’m guessing the latter. The site is, and will always, remain a joke as long as Mr. Magee runs it. It is why The Register kicked him out in the first place.

  7. I rest my case. Cool reply there though Matt.

  8. When I read the title of this post, I that it was about the instance with the Inq. Didn’t know there was more wackiness waiting in the wings of History… ;)

  9. Are you kidding? After 4 years, I found out I’m a communist, fanboy, asshole, Nazi, and dickhead (last two from my ex-girlfriend.) Amazing what you never knew about yourself.

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