Not Applicable’s Dark Ambient

I stumbled on n o t . a p p l i c a b l e when I saw anythingapplies in my referrals page. Checking out the link section, I saw mention of not applicable, that they make dark ambient music. Some of you already know that I’m really big on ambient music right now, so I checked it out. There are a load of songs you can download made by this woman, that are supremely fantastic.

The covers of Sweet Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, and I Put A Spell On You are excellent and unique, as well as very high quality works. The other songs on the site are great too, and I highly recommend checking not applicable out if you are into ambient. It’s interesting that I stumbled on this site too, considering I’ve been listening to nothing but Dead Can Dance all day today, so this music is hand-in-hand with my theme of the day.

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