Best Birthday Card Ever

I got the best birthday card ever; it’s from my aunt and cousin up in New Jersey.

Yep, my birthday’s coming up, and yep, I’m getting old. Pity me.

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  1. Old, huh? Try 40 on for size and get back to me… ;)

    (Happy preliminary Birthday)

  2. I’m 49 the end of this month and seriously thinking about a soft focus mirror for the bathroom.

    It’s gonna take a while for you to catch up Matt. ;)

  3. I’ll never catch up, I’m never going to get old, I live right next door to the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll date older women only so I can remain younger. ;)

    That soft focus mirror sounds like a good idea …

  4. Happy Birthday Matt, Have a wicked day and make sure you get to do stuff you really like.
    All the best and many happy returns man. ;-)

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