Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Released

Yes, you read right, it’s now called Firefox. The next release is rumored to be called Firedolphin. Okay, I’m kidding, but these name changes are getting a little out of hand. Now I’m going to have change a couple links on Good Blimey pointing towards Firefox. You can read more information about Firefox 0.8, read the Slashdot story on the release, read the namechange FAQ, and download the new release from the official site, or from these mirrors:

Source: 3DGPU

Update: Since I can’t find the changelog, and people were curious, here’s what was changed.

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  1. Got it, tried it and like it.
    One fix I’ve already noticed on some sites I was getting a size error with the page producing sideways scroll bars. This is cured.
    It’s still the best browser around.

  2. I’ve been looking for an excuse to standardize on Firebird, but Firefox has finally won my affection.

    Likewise, Thunderbird 0.5 has become my new e-mail client this very night because it does what nobody else seems to – bottom-posts by default.

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