Unreal Tournament 2004 Released

As promised in the chat 3DGPU held with Epic Games, the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo is now available for download. Most download sites are bogged down, so the best route to download is via bittorrent, which you can grab here. Otherwise you can try your luck at Shacknews or 3DGamers. Unreal Tournament 2004, to me, is like a futuristic version of Battlefield 1942, and it’s pretty fun, based on what I played at CPL in Dallas. The graphics are certainly gorgeous.

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  1. Phy

    Downloading now. Can’t wait! Or form complete sentences!

  2. I’ve been playing this game for the past 2 days. All this, and just a demo! Online play and everything! Lag can get pretty intense, though.

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