Birthday Goodies

I had a pretty good birthday yesterday. I got a nice big sub from a local sub shop, and grabbed American Wedding on DVD. My mom came by with her husband, and they gave me a set of really nice knives, which are quite sharp and will replace my current knives which are dull and old. American Wedding was really hilarious, so I enjoyed that.

I went shopping today, as I figure I should spoil myself with some things I’ve been wanting for a while now. I got a new big wooden cutting board to replace the postage stamp-sized plastic cutting board I had. I also got a 9-cup 450watt 4-speed food processor, and a 3-cup 150watt 2-speed food chopper. Also grabbed me some tupperware storage containers, because I’m sick of rummaging in the cabinets looking for the proper sized container and matching lid for any leftovers that need to be stored. You can see a picture of all the goodies right here.

What’s amazing about these purchases is that finally, after 4 years of always buying hardware for my computer everytime I splurged on myself, I got something that benefits not just me, but anyone else who eats my meals. I guess you could say I’m growing into an adult, finally — or something. I wondered for so long when I was going to develop a new interest so I would buy more than just hardware for my computer. Today marks the transition of the new me. I like it so far.

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  1. Yow, now I have chef’s envy :) I have a backlog of all sorts of cooking goodies I want to buy, but all extraneous purchases are on hold while I save up for a vacation.

    Man, I could do some serious cooking with all that (well, more than I have already been doing). In the meantime, I guess I’m stuck using my dull, crappy knives and mixing my recipies with a wooden spoon. Ah well, it still tastes good, it’s just a little extra work.

  2. Hey, sometimes it pays to be retro. I’ve been chopping up so many vegetables and fruits, I’m coming down with carpal tunnel’s syndrome, even though I type like a maniac 7 days a week on this keyboard.

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