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It’s a nice motivational factor to see people visit this blog and read what I have to say. It’s nicer still to receive any type of feedback, good or bad, regarding the site or what I write. Sometimes I like to post something that may be controversial, and be quite outspoken about it. I may have even upsetted a few people here and there. I also love to post amusing items that I think would make you laugh too. I especially love reading the comments that are posted by the readers of this site.

As a result, it’s natural for me to want to get support to continue on. No, I’m not asking for monetary donations. However, I would like to be voted at Blizg to see what people think of this site, and to know whether people enjoy this blog, or not. The more votes I get, the more motivated I become to continue posting. I’m not saying I only post to see how popular I become. This is self-therapy for me, and a way to add my voice to the multitudes out there. As mentioned though, it is a nice motivational factor.

So go ahead, take a few seconds out of your time, and vote on what you think of this site – positive or negative. If you do vote negative, please post a comment and tell me how I can improve things around here. It’d be very appreciated. While you’re at Blizg, feel free to check out the other blogs there. I’m sure you’ll find some blogs you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Done, would you like us to do this every day or is it a one off thing?

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