Stupid Basketball Players

If you’re a stupid basketball player and want to become famous, go to Georgia University. They’ll make you take an easy test, with questions like, “How many goals are on a basketball court?”, or, “How many points does a 3-point field goal account for in a Basketball Game?” The beauty of this test means that stupid basketball players won’t lose a single brain cell, I repeat, not a single brain cell. Go Bulldogs!

This message brought to you courtesy of a Florida Gators fan. The Gators beat the Bulldogs tonight in college basketball.

P.S. If you want free shoes, go to Florida State University (FSU), a.k.a. Free Shoes University.

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  1. allison

    Yes-sir-ee, us georgians are sure like college folks — we go there to get free pamplets and junk to line our kitty litter boxes.

    Here, pussy willow.

  2. Ah, I had more or less given up on the basketball team this year. Good to see the ol’ alma mater doing better.

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