Make No Apologies

I make no apologies for eating what I want, thinking what I want, understanding the consequences of my actions and going ahead with it anyways, discovering lessons the hard way, reliving my past and moving forward, and flipping two birds at the world. I like being care-free, taking chances, being shocking, daring myself to cross the line, and seeing where the chips fall where they may. I am unstable, erratic, confused, and I know perfectly well where I’m going. I live my life two seconds at a time, and it passes by in a blur. I appreciate the qualities and the quantities at the same time, and yes, I do judge the book by the cover.

The best part? I’m living life. No apologies.

[Listening to: The Clash – Clampdown (3:46)]

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  1. Phy

    …and this is in response to what, exactly? ;)

  2. It was in response to the movie, Something’s Gotta Give. It’s about two people, in their 50’s, trying to find love and all. I felt like a young punk, so I figure I’d _reprezent_. I dunno, it was a spur of the moment thing, you had to be there. :P

  3. Phy

    Ah, under the influence of Jack Nicholson. Been-there, done-that. ;)

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