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A comment spammer flooded the comments on this site with his advertisement of a website (which, of course, I won’t post on here.) He posted over 50 comments on 50 different posts with the same message. Thankfully I have MT-Blacklist which makes it easy to delete his “comments” and add his IP, Name, and Website to the blacklist so he can’t post them again. Of course he can always use a proxy to bypass the IP ban feature, but he can’t post the website anymore. The more website he uses, the more I’ll add them to the database so others will ban him too.

I’ve submitted the relevant info to the MT-Blacklist Centralized Blacklist Database. So if you’re using Movabletype, you may want to install MT-Blacklist, grab the latest blacklist update, and that way you can prevent these spammers from infecting your blog.

This is a massive problem, that will hopefully go away when the TypeKey authentication services is unveiled and developers start using it in their applications. For now though, I’ll continue fighting spam, the lowly scums won’t get by on my watch.

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  1. Jeeez, these people are a pain, I’d love to get my hands around their throat and squeeze hard.

  2. You and me both. I was in the midst of deleting all the spam and implementing a new, stricter method of stopping them, when another guy started spamming the comments. He got in about 7 of them before I stopped him cold.

    You’d have to be pretty pathetic in real life to become a comment spammer, that’s for sure.

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