New Slang Of The Year

Apparently there’s a new slang word going around on the internet that I predict will carry on into the real world with some alarming, but certainly interesting, effect. The new word, an insult, is carebear. I was called a carebear today by someone who didn’t agree with my assessment of a game that I didn’t enjoy. I’ve also seen others use it directed at people who they don’t like. Such as:

“U suk. Ur a carebear.”


“U must b a carebear, cuz u suck.”

The term can mean a number of things, but the applicable ones are stupid and unmanly. Other insults that I predict will develop after “carebear” is “little pony” and “strawberry shortcake” and further along the chain, “powerpuff girl.” The generation of kids born in the 80’s are hopeless.

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