Moving From MT To WordPress

While scooting around the net, I discovered a great source of information on moving from Movabletype to WordPress 1.2 over at Burningbird. This should come in handy as I start the process of moving Good Blimey from MT to WordPress. I’ve got a redesign of the site in the works too, and trust me, it’s by-and-large different than the current look, and may shock a few of you. What can I say, I wanted something a bit different in terms of blog designs. If you see something weird, or the site doesn’t work right, you’ll know why now.

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  1. I like this comment:
    6) You need to rebuild pages with MT, WP is all dynamic

    That’s just cool enough to consider a move of my own.

  2. It’s true, WordPress doesn’t take forever to make a post, or need constant rebuilding. That’s the beauty of PHP and the dynamic nature of it.

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