Hopped Up

Since this site has a theme closely related to rock, and more specifically rockabilly, I thought I’d mention an artist I discovered on the internet that I’m really enjoying. Called Hopped Up!, they are a rockabilly band based out in California. They have made available 7 songs for download on their site, in MP3 format, and I suggest checking them out if you like good old rock. The large majority of this site’s design was made while listening to Hopped Up.

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  1. justin barr

    Great site! Glad you’re likin’ the tunes. We just got our CD’s in ! Where abouts do you live? Hopefully we can swing through your town. Thanks again! — justin

  2. Heya Justin, glad you like the site too. :) Great to hear you got your CD out, is it avaiilable for order? I would love to buy it and support your great work. I’m based in Florida. My dad, who works in entertainment (www.burrisentertainment-events.com), said he doesn’t know of any rockabilly bands around here, which is hard to believe considering the area around here is as hillbilly as it gets.

  3. justin barr

    E-mail me your address and I’ll send you one! — justin

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