Stop Browser Resizing In Firefox

There’s a simple little fix that prevent webpages from resizing your Firefox browser that I put in every time. There’s nothing I hate more than a website that resizes my whole browser to the size of a 40×40 ad, forcing me to expand it back to my regular 1024×768 size. It’s a very easy method and doesn’t require a information assurance degree to figure out.

Easy Method: At top on the menu, choose Tools, then click Options. Go to the Content tab, and to the right of Enable Javascript is the Advanced button. Click that and uncheck the selection “Move or resize existing windows”.

Firefox 2.0 Preferences

Note: Personally, I like to disable all options in this window for best result as it prevent websites from controlling my browser’s behavior.

Hard Method: In the address bar type about:config and hit Enter. Do a search for resize. You will see dom.disable_window_move_resize. Right click that and choose Modify. In the box that pops up, type true and hit OK.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip – I googled onto this post while searching for a way to stop Firefox from resizing when browsing some sites…thanks!!

  2. believer

    great advice, thanx alot!

  3. Lexica

    Nice — thank you.

    Ooh, look at all the other “helpful features” that can be turned off too! :-)



  5. tom

    I stumbled across this page, and this is some great info. Thank you

  6. tom

    I stumbled across this page and found the answer to the question I had never bothered to ask. How can I stop my browser resizing? I thought it is just something I had to put up with. I am glad I do not any more

  7. Jezpas

    Thanks… Really helpful! (got here through stumbleupon)

  8. Evan

    I stumbled onto this site too, and I sure am glad I did. Thanks very much for this info. Sure there are things in life that are more annoying than having your browser resized, but I can’t think of any at present. :)

    I checked out some offending sites, and this tip really works 100%.

  9. Alex from Brussels

    Ooffff… What a friggin’ relief! Many thanks!!!!

  10. that’s great, didn’t know it was that easy to stop such an annoying thing, thanks!

  11. You are the MAN! Or woman. Whatever. You are it.

  12. Joe

    You should also look at this link:

    which explains that opening a special URL, “about:config”, will open a hidden editor allowing you to adjust special browser properties that are not exposed in the usual “Preferences” panels. Once you open this URL, scroll and look for ‘dom.disable_window_open_feature’ and set all the options to ‘true’ by clicking on each line (they toggle true/false). From then on, every window will be resizable, have scroll bars, and all the other features you normally expect in a window.

  13. All such functions (and furthermore tabbed browsing etc.) copied Firefox from Opera.
    Your linked article “What About Opera?” isn’t up to date. Opera can do everything what Firefox can do – and most things were first included in Opera and then in Firefox ;-)

  14. bebo: I’m not going to update an article I wrote in 2005, because at the time that was what Opera had issues with.

    Most of the points I brought up then still applies today. Opera suffers from feature-creep and is bloated with features most people won’t even use. Opera does a lot of things decent, rather than being really good at one thing, and this is because they stretch their programmers too wide to cover all the little things the browser does, rather than focus on the fundamentals. With Firefox, you can add features as you like, rather than be forced to deal with it in the UI.

    On top of that, Opera still suffers from irregular rendering issues, even though it complies with W3C standards very well.

    And don’t get me started on the UI, which is busy, complicated, and user-unfriendly. If you don’t mind wading through a slew of crap to get what you want with the browser, than I guess your patience is greater than mine when it comes to browsing online.

  15. Awesome, just what I was looking for (via Google) to stop wanted popups from shrinking my whole browser in single-window mode. Much appreciated.

  16. cosmic

    Thank you so much for posting this solution. Often pages that display pictures would resize your browser, in theory to allow a small window to view the picture but for me, it was always too small. Now I can keep fullscreen goodness! :)

  17. Francoise

    Thanks a lot. I didn’t think it was possible to do something about it but I got on this page through Stumble Upon and I’m glad it brought me there.

  18. Ama

    Thanks soooo much for this tip. This has been the bane of my browsing existence for ages now!

  19. Mich@

    Thanks a bunch for this trick – you saved my PC from being thrown outta the window!

  20. Ron

    If you have not done it yet reduce memory hogging when you minimize firefox. type in about:config in address bar THEN right click in the white field, CHOSES NEW then BOOLEAN Type in config.trim_on_minimize and click OK then highlight TRUE and click ok.
    Restart the browser. When you have to the properties tab you can watch all excess memory be dumped when you minimize firefox. Ron

  21. Ron

    PARDON ME — OPEN WINDOWS TASK MANAGER and then in properties tab you can see memory use drop when minimized. SORT by Mem Usage so firefox is at or near top and watch it. Ron

  22. The instructions for using about:config should be changed as the current release of Firefox (3.1) presents the options differently. Now, use the right-mouse-click context-sensitive pop up menu and choose “toggle”.

  23. Alain Roy

    Thanks a lot!! Every time I click on a web page which resize my Firefox, I can’t believe the stupid moron who believe I don’t have a large enough screen to view his webpage. I never realize how easy it was to stop this SO THANKS A LOT!

  24. Appick

    Thanks for this tip. Like many others, I googled “stop automatic window resizing in firefox” and your tip showed up. Now I’ve RSSed you.

  25. Chris Hoffmann

    End of 2009 – and the tip is still helpful and no1 on Google! Thanks Dude :D

  26. Oh man, thank u so much! I’m a netbook user and mmy screen size is 8.9 inches. When browsers resize, they ONLY make it smaller. Which is really, really annoying when you’re already using a small pc! Thank you SO much for this easy solution :* Love u, whoever you are!

  27. jeffxhardy

    thanks a lot now megavideo dont resize my window

  28. Jennifer

    Wish I could say that the fixes worked in our case. Have made the two changes listed including enabling/disabling Java and changing the about:config
    Hubby gets extreme pissed each time he tries to move through websites only to have them resize. Wish there was some other fix….

  29. Djeeps!

    I wub you, for this!

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