I Hate Roaches

Ever had a time when your brain would shut up? When I went to take a piss, I saw out of the corner of my eyes a huge roach running for dear life from me. I grabbed a nice, thick magazine and smashed the snot out of him. As I was about to resume relieving myself, my brain thought, “One down, a trillion more to go.” That’s the kind of thought that makes you wonder why you kill the ugly, nasty little buggers in the first place. I really hate roaches. Why, oh why, were they even created?

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  1. Dee- Jay W

    Matt, didn’t you at one time have a conversation with a roach? Who knows you might have killed the grandson of the one you killed. Oh did you call greg and wished him a Happy Fathers day? ha ha ha . Love you all the more. love hugs kisses and cco
    cookies. mom mum Aunt Deborah Coffee and me= fun.

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