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If you checked out the Photos section of this site, you’ll notice that it is now sporting a new look, and using a new software: PHP Simple Gallery. My good friend, Paul G, over at RelativelyAbsolute has put it together and has made it available for download. Here are the features:

  • Overlays your existing folder layout. To add more images or folders to your gallery, just upload them and they will automatically appear!
  • Automatically creates thumbnails of your images. No need to create thumbnails by hand!
  • Thumbnail caching for maximum performance. Each thumbnail is generated only once.
  • Built-in slideshow browsing.
  • No database requred!
  • Simple, text file configuration.
  • Google-friendly.
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional output.
  • CSS based, table-free layout.

PHP Simple Gallery is so simple, it’s ridiculous. Not to mention it supports web standards, and not many photo gallery software does that. Thanks Paul!

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  1. horai

    Works really well Matt and it’s very fast. Would it be OK for me to download it and try to integrate it into my company website?

  2. Speaking as one of the testers for this script, from day one it was fantastic and not to mention fun to play with (did I mention fast too?).

    Now I just need to prioritize and make my gallery live. :)

  3. btw, thanks for the link, Matt. I meant to thank you much sooner than this…

  4. No problem Paul, it’s the least I could do for making my photo management life a lot easier. :)

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