Alton Brown’s Blog

This is so freaky, because the other day while watching Alton Brown in Good Eats, which happens to be my favorite show on the Food Network, I was laughing at a comment he made and thinking how cool it’d be if he had a blog that he posted in.

Voila! He has one: Alton Rants & Raves! Joy! Not surprisingly, his sharp wit and humor is revealed on the blog too, as this choice quote will tell you:

“The fact that “Dr.” Phil has the number 1 cookbook on makes me want to end it all.”

Bookmarked for daily reading. :)

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  1. Watching the food network and eating is like having sex and watching porn.


  2. i just stumbled across his blog as well this week – as a huge fan of his show, it’s great to read his thoughts online. that quote of his just confirms why i love him so much.

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