Getting Rid Of An Addiction

I’ve drank nothing but Pepsi for over 5 years, and this year I have made a vow to quit this addiction and reclaim control over my body. I’ve tried to quit numerous times, but ended up breaking down and buying Pepsi. I’d stay off of it for a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and one time 2 months. What draws me back is that I could never find an equal alternative that wasn’t bad for me, or expensive.

I’m currently on my first week of quitting Pepsi. After doing this so often, I’d discovered that I exhibit random odd behavior. For example, last night I woke up outside next to a fire hydrant, which I was promptly peeing on. Occasionally I’ll yell out random obscenities out of the blue for no reason. Today I cried during a Geico commercial. A couple of days ago I found myself eating crumpled up paper with salt and pepper sprinkled on them.

Anyways, anyone got a Pepsi and live 5 minutes away?

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  1. Hah. I know just how this goes, but my addiction is with both Pepsi and Coke. I just need to quit, but it’s difficult, the caffeine and sugar just draw me in.

    I did notice, however, whenever I’d quit drinking Coke for an extended amount of time that my body thanked me for it. I’d just feel better mentally and physically which just goes to show you that soda consumes you.

    I’ve laid off of it, but every once in a while I binge and I certainly don’t thank myself later. ;)

  2. No! Must … not … break … down!

    Yay, the nice white men in the nice white padded truck are coming to take me to a nice white building and put me in the nice white padded room in a nice white padded jacket. :D

  3. Anonymous

    I like pepsi. I am ugly and very bad person. I may soon be hang up. If you want to get killed shamefully, drink more pepsi.

  4. Ah, wish I could help you there. My addictions tend to run to the other side of things – while I like my coffee, I keep it within normal limits, and I was never one for sweet drinks. It’s dry wine and smoky whiskey that seem to have their eyes on me.

    Don’t you like how I place the blame on the substance, rather than myself? ;-)

  5. Dee Jay w

    since youve been off pepsi for a week, ill keep checking your website to see when its safe to call you on the phone.

    hugs and kisses,
    mommy dearest

    P.s. I can smell the cookies baking in the oven

  6. Paul,

    I love Flogging Molly — been listening to them since I discovered them in a pub while in L.A. last year. Very energetic and fun band. :D

  7. I know what you mean. I quit caffeine totally recently and I went very strange for a while. Stick with it though, I’m a much happier person for it. I don’t understand the physiology of it, but I was depressed as hell for the last 6 months (12 months? 18 even?) and now I’m not. The only difference in my life is that I stopped drinking caffeine

    Not that it hasn’t been hard… Good luck!

  8. I have a similar problem with coffee, the longer I drink it the stronger it has to be. It’s daft really, strong coffee really gives me an upset stomach but I still have to drink it.

  9. Jen

    Gosh…Whats in this Pepsi stuff! I have to have at least one a day or I get the shakes and I feel sick. Weird! Every time I try to quit I feel just terrible so i just end up taaking another. Maybe Im just nuts but I feel that I am also addicted to pepsi. Can this even be possible?

  10. Jen: Sounds like you are addicted, those are the feelings I go through when I try and quit (and for the record, I’m on my 2nd week of no soda.) It’s the caffeine that is addictive. A great source of information on caffeine is this page at Wikipedia (best source of knowledge in the world.)

    Here’s some info you may be interested in:

    Continued consumption of caffeine can lead to tolerance. Upon withdrawal, the body becomes oversensitive to adenosine, causing the blood pressure to drop dramatically, leading to headache and other symptoms. Recent studies suggest that caffeine intake (in coffee) may decrease the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, but additional study is needed.

    Too much caffeine can lead to caffeine intoxication. The symptoms of this disorder are restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, flushed face, diuresis, and gastrointestial complaints. They can occur in some people after as little as 250 mg per day. More than 1 g per day may result in muscle twitching, rambling flow of thought and speech, cardiac arrhythmia, and psychomotor agitation. Caffeine intoxication can lead to symptoms similar to panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. The LD50 is estimated to be about 192 mg/kg of body mass, or about 72 cups of coffee for an average adult.

  11. James

    I have been addicted to Pepsi Max since I was 17 (now 25). I must have a minimum of 2 litres per day, sometimes drinking up to 4 litres per day. I must always have some next to me when I go to bed a night. The longest I have gone without it, is 36 hours. This left me feeling sick, dizzy and gave me terrible migraine! Don’t know if I can ever stop this addiction!!!

  12. James: It’s possible. I drink 7 cans a day, and have been doing it consistently like you since I was 18. It has been a whole month since I’ve touched Pepsi. To combat the migraines and chronic fatigue, I suggest taking an aspirin every 4 hours (as a prevention mechanism) and eating really healthy meals. I think it has helped me cope. Now I drink Arizona green tea everyday, because at least that will help me stay healthier. Good luck. :)

  13. Brittani

    I’m still a youngin and I’m am totally addicted to Pepsi, I can barely go a day without at least one can.. I dont know if anyone ever noticed that they perfer Pepsi from a certain source or not. I really cannot stand Pepsi in any plastic container, I have to have it from a can or a fountain…maybe i am just really crazy. But I really need to quit because every pepsi I drink (or anyone) raises my risk of getting diabetes, and it deterierates my bones, so I hear.

  14. Just thought I’d throw in and see how you are doing with the whole Pepsi-thing. I’m still caffeine-free and I find I don’t even notice anymore – although it can be weird to explain to people when they offer me a cuppa!

    Hope you’re the same

  15. I’m still trying to fight off the addiction and regain control of myself. I’ve tried numerous times going cold turkey, and I would go for an average of 2 weeks to a month, but would always somehow get back to it. So I figure I’ll try something different, and ween myself off of it. I set a goal of only 2 a day, then eventually 1 a day, and then cut off completely. This was suggested to me by my roommate, so maybe this will work.

    Thanks for checking in, it’s something I’m really serious about. I just hate getting sick, getting headaches, and feeling weak as a result of fighting this addiction. That’s what makes it not as easy as I hoped.

  16. alice

    I have been drinking pepsi ,well I was around 6 years old. I am now 29. I along with my husband drink two 2 litres a day, but when he is at work he drinks 12 cans in 12 hours of work. I have quit before for one year. all it took to get me hooked again was one drink..

  17. Adam

    does anyone think that going from full blow addicition to moderation (1 or 2 cans a week) is possible?

  18. Depends on the will power of the individual trying to curb the addiction. It is very much possible.

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