Shure Earphones Returned

You may remember on March 3rd, I posted that I bought these $110 earphones from Shure, the E2c model. Nearly 4 months later, I posted that the casing on the right earphone had broken. Last week, I mailed it off to them with the 2-year warranty to have it repaired. Well today I got the package back from them, and they had given me a whole new set of E2c earphones in a brand new package (new art on the package too.) Needless to say, I have missed these earphones terribly, and I’m really excited to have them back. These earphones, while expensive, are truly superior in sound quality. Here’s hoping it lasts longer though.

To celebrate, the first artist I’m listening to are Zero 7, a wonderful band with some supremely good music that is refreshing and beautiful.

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  1. They have a very good warranty, as you’d expect. You got it back pretty quickly, right?

    Damned nice earphones… I just hate carrying htem around… that plus the ipod is alot of stuff to carry. I can toss the ipod phones in with the ipod and they take up next to no space, but you can’t do that with the shure ones. So I may have to buy another set… one for home, and one for the office. :-)

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