Cats: Stupid Or Intelligent?

There are times when my cat, Charcoal, displays amazing intelligence, like when she takes care not to step on my hair while walking around my pillow after I lay down to go to sleep. Then she goes off and do something utterly stupid, like roll around on a huge ant hill.

Stupid bloody cat.

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  1. My inlaw’s Cat is strangely considerate and tame around my 7-month old who loves playing with Milo, albeit rough play. I find it strange that the cat remains docile when the baby is tugging at his tufts of hair, smacking his face, and yet if I ever try that he bites me hard.

    I wonder if in this case he realizes the baby is non-threatening? Cats are hard to gauge in my opinion.

  2. horai

    There were a couple of interesting little booklets published a few years ago.
    “How to live with a neurotic dog” by Stephen baker and
    “How to live with a calculating cat” by Eric Gurney.

    Both titles sort of sum it all up really.

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