3DGPU Slashdotted … Again

This is our 4th slashdot, and the 3rd time the server didn’t go down, so maybe we’re doing something right. *throws more hampsters in the server room wheels* Run, you little bastards, more power! Slashdot posted about a review a loyal forum reader wrote up on the Logitech MX1000 cordless mouse. The review can be found in the 3DGPU forums.

For those not familiar with being slashdotted (or /.’d); it’s a legal form of a distributed denial of service. Massive amount of geeks visit the website that was linked to, most servers on the internet can barely handle the demand, since Slashdot is one of the most popular sites on the internet.

What’s Happenin’, Matt?

I know I haven’t been posting as much on here as I usually do, so here’s a rundown of things I’ve been up to to catch you up:

  • Waiting for my free iPod to be shipped.
  • Waiting to get one more completed referral to get my free flat screen TV
  • Working on 3DGPU.com
  • Writing up an editorial asking where are the funny PC games?
  • Playing Counterstrike: Source beta
  • Looking forward to Half-Life 2
  • Working on redesigning this site
  • Listening to a lot of music purchased through iTunes

Dozens Arrested in ‘Spam’ Crackdown

Bubba, meet Spammer. Spammer, meet Bubba. Yahoo! News – Dozens Arrested in ‘Spam’ Crackdown is the article with details about the Justice Department catching dozens of spammers and making them sit in a small cell and wonder why they sent out so many Viagra emails. Justice never tasted so sweet.

” Internet providers like America Online have filed dozens of spam lawsuits over the past year, and the Federal Trade Commission for years has shut down marketers who send fraudulent or deceptive e-mail.”