Your Name Key To Sexiness

According to this research, I should be getting laid all the time:

“Men with “front vowels” in their names — sounds formed at the front of the mouth like the “a” in Matt — were considered sexier than men with “back vowel” sounds like the “au” in Paul, she concluded.

No such luck. Maybe I should wear nametags everytime I go out?

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  1. Cindy

    The irony of the two names given in this example, is not lost on me dear Matt… :) It explains everything.. heh

  2. You saw that article too. I was dying. Now when a guy introduces himself to me… I’ll definatly remember they”name”. LOL!!

  3. Jenn: Just noticed you’re in Orlando, when you mentioned cleaning up after Charley. I’m in Interlachen, which is down the road from Gainesville. Luckily Charley missed us, although we did get a few leftover rain showers and some mild wind. Love your page, by the way, the Tinkerbell is a nice touch!

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