Closer To Free iPod

You may remember I posted about the site that has been making the rounds on the net as people have decided to try it, and actually gotten their free iPod (or mini iPod). So I decided to try it. You need 5 people to compete offers, which is quite simple, and you get a free iPod, with free shipping.

I’m up to 3 completed offers, and only need 2 more. If you’re interested in getting a free iPod too, you can start right here.

Don’t worry if you’re skeptical, I was too when I heard about it. These kind of offers usually are scams, but this is the real deal. For proof and information, check these sites:

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  1. For anyone else looking to use this, just join a conga line. It’s a lot easier to get your 5 referrals that way–you won’t run into this problem :P.

    A good conga line to try is It’s just getting started, but that means you’ll be high up on the list.

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