Yep, another one, and this time you can get a complete computer from I’ve already got a free iPod shipping to me, and I need one more referral to get the free flat screen, so why not a whole computer? More information on FreeDesktopPC can be found at ForeverGeek.

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  1. hello,

    I need 3 more referrals to get my freeipod. I have not signed up for “FreeDeskTopPC” yet.

    I would like to do a referral-trade, I will sign up for someone via their “FreeDeskTopPC” referral link, and in return you sign up for a free ipod via my referral link

    which you can find here: (check it out)

    email me first let’s get the details straight (if you are interested in trading) –


  2. Don’t waste your time with conga lines, if you’re having trouble finding people to sign up as referrals, check out Its a referral trading service that lets you get referrals from people who are looking for referrals for other free stuff sites by trading with them.

    Its a heck of a lot easier than trying to convince your friends that the site is legit, just skip that step and come to where there’s a whole bunch of people in the same boat as you. Everyone here is looking to do referrals to get them, and it makes it so easy to get referrals. They even let you make some money by referring people to their site.

    Hope to see you there,
    Jordan Feldstein Founder

  3. i will trade someone for referrals for free sites – iwill do anything with the efax offer.

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