The Night Is Ambient

I’ve discovered a new band, Amethystium, which hails from Norway, that has a musical style similar to Delerium. Ambient, new age, soothing, truly music that is uplifting and not so distracting but complementary to anything you’re doing. There’s a great blog post on this very matter that is worthy of a read to understand how great ambient music is. Sure, there are moments that I get into rock and metal, but when I want to relax, do something while working, or need to feel more positive, ambient is the right tool for the job. The blog post mentions and links to Ambient Nights, possibly the best series to download and enjoy on a CD ever, so check it out if you love ambient (or want to get into it.)

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  1. Thanks for those links. I love ambient music – I used to listen to it all the time, especially late at night. Brian Eno is amazing. I tend to lean towards the more electronic artists – groups like Aphex Twin (well, his early work), B12, and Autechre. But I also really get into the New Age side of things, too (I have a number of Delerium albums). I’ll definitely be checking out those downloads.

  2. Hi Matt i have found some tracks Amethystium and you can be certain that they will be featured in up and coming releases. on a simmilar style and whilst i ws searching for this group i cam across “Era” which i will also be featuring on the same mix as Amethystium i like this group too :) especially a track called “Wind Love” which will be the first track on the mix

    as with Amethystium, Era is also worth a listen
    Speak to you soon

  3. Hi Matt!

    Just stumbled on this post the other day and finally got round to commenting :) Thanks for the link to my post, and I’ll be sure to point people in your direction. I really like your site. It looks great!!

    Its nice to know there are other people who enjoy Alex’s mixes. Hope you keep up with the listening! :D

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