Free iPod Came In

3DGPU Community -> Free iPod came in today is the post at the 3DGPU forums detailing how I got my free 20GB iPod from the site. Needless to say, I’m very excited. I’ve included pictures in the post, as well.

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  1. I didn’t realize they were giving out the Apple/HP co-branded iPods.

  2. Hey, tell me… how long was it from you placing your order to the thing arriving on your doorstep? I placed my order last friday and I’m wondering how long I likely have to wait. Thanks!

  3. I had it on order on 8/26 and got it 9/22, so almost a month. The free flat screen, however, came in much quicker, 9 days after making the order. Unfortunately it is DOA, and Sony are taking their time replacing it, making me not want to consider buying a Sony TV in the future.

  4. Akash

    Hi. Have you heard of anyone getting any of the free things in in the last month.

    My theory is that they sent out ipods/tvs, fully knowing word would spread and they would get an exponential growing number of people clicking on sponsors. But of course this isn’t sustainable b/c they are in the red. (6 people clicking on sponsors will not cover the cost of a TV, even if people mess up and forget to cancel free stuff).

    But they knew ahead of time that once confidence was high enough, they wouldn’t send out any more and let hope keep generation after generation of people clicking on sponsors, expecting ipods to come in even though the people that referred them haven’t gotten there’s yet, and the people who referred the people who referred them….

    I’ve scoured the internet looking for anyone who actually got stuff, and you are the most recent person I’ve found who’s gotten anything.

    Hope Sony takes care of you. Keep us posted.

  5. Akash: I’m not sure how they are running it these days, but I’m still hearing people here and there receiving their ipods. I think maybe they are swamped with orders and are trying to keep up. My roommate is still waiting for her iPod Mini which has been on order since 9/1. If it ever does come in, I’ll make a post about it, if it’s not here by November, I’ll make a post about it and think perhaps your theory is right. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case.

    As for Sony, they had called and said they would send me a new unit, but that was a week ago. Still no TV. I have a large paperweight in my living room, right now. :(

  6. Grason

    An experiment:

    There seems to be a way for me (and you) to get a free IPod.

    It works like this ->

    1. Goto

    2. Fill out your info at free iPods.

    3. You can just say no to all of the survey questions, it will NOT affect getting your free iPod in any way.

    4. Complete an offer.
    I chose Callwave, it was free, and I DIDN’T NEED A CREDIT CARD.

    5. When you get 10 completed referals just wait for your photo iPod!

    If I get a photo IPod, I will let everyone know. Don’t forget to follow the link above so that I get credit.

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