Unfortunate Memorable Songs

The worst part of a relationship is having “The Song” that the two lovers share that symbolizes their love. One such song was U2’s With or Without You. A song that is sobering all by itself, but even moreso when you make it “The Song.” So when we broke up, everytime I hear this song, I either get teared up, or really depressed. The thing is, I’m way over her, yet it still provokes feelings in me. I’m not sure what to do about it. I can’t forget about it, I can’t make the song evoke different feelings in me. So I dubbed it the Unfortunate Memorable Song Syndrome or UMSS for short. I should open up a clinic for people that suffer from this disease.

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  1. There are a number of songs that give me UMSS, “Beth” by KISS for example…

    Don’t fight it, just go with it, if you fight, you’ll never get over it entirely (or get over her for that matter…)

  2. mom

    I guess mine would be You were always on my mind By Wille Nelson. Only because it was more of a wishful thought; That I was that loved that he would feel that way. Boo Hoo Time for cookies. Mom MUM ANT DEBORAH DEE JAY>

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