Stop Wasting My Time

Have you ever talked to someone, and they have that canned interest voice?

“So they donated thousands of dollars to the …”
“Uh huh … wow, that’s great! Yea … uh huh … really? That is really cool …”

Why don’t you just tell me you’re not interested, or you’re too busy instead of feigning interest and wasting my time?

My dad does this all the time, and I do mean all the time. He’s always busy, and when he’s not, he’ll try to be busy. He called and as I was explaining something to him, he did that to me. 5 minutes later after I finished talking to him, I tried to share some good news to my roommate, and she did the exact same thing. What am I, a robot? I wish people would stop wasting my time.

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  1. I am *notoriously* bad at being faux polite. I’m supposed to be understanding and caring and a good listener… I just don’t have the attention span for it. I wish I was better at it, but when I’m not into it, I’m not into it, and I tend to hurry people along. If they play along, we get along. If they resist, it’s hell for both of us.

    Man, it’s a drag to be civilized in cases like his. ;)

  2. Uh huh … wow, that’s great! Yea … uh huh … really? That is really cool …

  3. mom

    Okay, This is what I do, I have the same promblem, No names Mentioned. I have found myself hoarse From having a conversation entirely with myself. So next time as you’e talking to who ever, lets use your Dad, Hee- Hee, I can do this! say blah blah blah, Ithink you might be going bald Dad, see if he hears that. If not keep going, tell him the space men kicked him off their planet. If that doesn’t work let me know. Are you paying attention? Yankees lost, oh well, Mark would have loved that game last night, I miss him. Luv ya mum mom Ant DEE, Who i’ll call tonight XOOX))

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