Pop Goes The World

Remember that song Men Without Hats did, called The Safety Dance? Goofy little new wave tune that was popular in the 80’s? Well one time my roommate comes home and she was excited. She said she heard a really cool rap song that she actually liked on the radio. Now here’s a person who doesn’t know squat about rap, except that it’s a lot of rhyming and drums. She didn’t know the name of it, so she sang a few lines from the song.

To my horror, this “rap” song turned out to be The Safety Dance. You can imagine I nearly died of laughter that day. iTunes, playing on random, played the song from my collection, and I about died from laughter again. Two close calls.

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  1. mom

    Hey I remember that song, I’m sitting here laughing cause I can just picture her doing that. Its almost as bad as Kung-Fu fighting! Or the koolaid song.Did you end your hungry strike? I am so very sorry but those kids had me so confused. I will cook you two dinners your choice. NO JELLO! Tonight I am staying at Kims Aunt Lynn has company in And I will be gone all weekend. I will try to call today before I leave. Love Hugs and kisses, remember you are loved! Mum.

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