An Ode To Cantaloupe

I’m only making this post because Cindy got worried that I wasn’t posting anymore and emailed me and asked if I’m dead or something.

So yea, I’m not dead.

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  1. Cindy a.k.a. Cantaloupe

    ((((( Matt )))))

    I love you hon. I admit it, I was worried. I have a daily routine ok? I come to work, I turn on my computer, I check my email, and then I check Good Blimey. After a week or so of nothing new over here, I was a bit concerned.. especially after the last post of your family wanting you dead.

    I appreciate the post. Now, drink lots of orange juice, get plenty of rest, and quit playing Halo. This site is totally part of my daily ritual. I can’t function without new input. :)

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