Song of the Week – Smelling Cigarettes

This Song of the Week was a difficult one to choose, not amongst different artists, but amongst the many great songs by The Fiery Furnaces. I finally settled on Smelling Cigarettes, because it emphasized their great songwriting, which can be both sharply witty to starkly whimsical at the same time, and great rhythm. The best way to describe their sound is a bit of White Stripes on keyboards and guitar, but their style is all their own. Unlike the White Stripes, there really is a brother and sister fronting the band, and they really do have a sibling rivalry going on.

Their musicianship is stellar, and they have no trouble coming out with good songs. Smelling Cigarettes comes off of their EP (title of the album) which are a collection of B-sides and songs that didn’t make the cut for a main album.

Which would lead you to assume these songs weren’t good enough for a regular album, but you’d be sorely mistaken. I could listen to EP over, and over again without tiring of it, and I have been doing just that.

The Growth of Wikipes

When I had bought the domain for, I was really excited and felt it was a really good idea. The name fitted well, the idea of an open-source recipe database is natural, and the design I had pictured in my head was just right. As I was putting the site together, my excitement grew to nervousness. What if it didn’t take off? What if people couldn’t grasp the concept? What if it wasn’t easy enough to enjoy?

These questions helped form Wikipes into what it is now, a completed project where a lot of thoughts and effort was made to ensure it was easy to use, enjoyable, and is nice to look at.

To be quite frank, I’m surprised at how fast the site is spreading. A link on Metafilter is the extent of any kind of promotion that took place. A mistake was made at first, where Erik had posted the link on Metafilter, shortly before discovering that this kind of linking is frowned upon, as he was involved with the project because he helped give me advice and created the logo for the site. If he had known before he posted, it never would’ve happened. However, Wikipes was popular enough for someone else to post a second link on Metafilter, someone certainly not involved with the project (although he may have posted a recipe, would that be involved?)

Besides that, Wikipes has been spread via word-of-mouth on the internet, with countless blogs and news sites talking about it. Some examples are, at the top of popular for a while, listed on Ron Gilbert’s Grumpy Gamer, and Forever Geek to name a few. The nervousness is gone now, replaced again by excitement about the future of Wikipes.

Tuner2 – Quality Internet Stations

A great site for anyone that likes internet radio is Tuner 2, which filters out the cream from the crap, and give you the best stations to listen to. Using the AACplus codec (available in the latest Winamp), you get CD quality music at half the bandwidth.

One of the stations that is a big favorite of mine is the top one on Tuner2, SomaFM’s Indie Pop station, which has been playing some really superb music as of late. From The Arcade Fire, Say Hi To Your Mom, Weakerthans, Elliot Smith, and more. It doesn’t get any better.

Brian The Geek

He claims he’s a geek, but he now owns a bright-red minivan, so he’ll have to hand over his Geek card now. Brian is a long-time friend who works with me on, and is finally getting into blogging. So head on over and visit his newly dusted blog at