Do the Whirlwind

Inspired by Keith over at Asterisk, I’ve decided to do a song of the week, where I post a free, and legal, MP3 that I consider worthy enough to be piped into your ears for great enjoyment.

For the very first song, I’ve chosen one that I’ve been looking forward to having since I first heard it on their homepage. Architecture in Helsinki is an Australian indie pop band, and the song I chose,

      Do the Whirlwind
, is based on a dance move that doesn’t even exist. Made up of 8 people, the amount of talent they have with instruments is mind-boggling. From the Pitchfork review:

… xylophone, flute, four different kinds of guitar, glockenspiel, trumpet, tuba, trombone, assorted synths, melodica, thumb piano, clarinet, recorder, bass, and various drums, their tinny din augmented only by a mess of vocals (including contributions by some craggy-voiced kids), handclaps, tap dancers, and finger snaps.

It is infectious, upbeat, and unique. Even though the dance move doesn’t exist, you’ll find yourself wanting to create it as you listen. It doesn’t get more bubblegum than this.

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  1. Very cool… I’ve heard of this band, but this is the first time I’ve heard their music.

    I think the MP3 Blog revolution is good for the music industry. It turns people on to bands and artists that they might never have discovered. The record industry should only encourage music blogging, as long as it’s done responsibly.

    I put up a couple of songs each month on my blog, and I always include a link to where the full CD can be purchased. If I can drive just one person to an online music store, that’s one sale the band might not have seen otherwise.

    I look forward to your Songs of the Week!

  2. I feel the same way, music blogs are presenting a whole new world to music-lovers everywhere. Giving exposure to bands that may otherwise not get a chance at it, and a newfound re-appreciation for good music in the process. I’m discovering a slew of great artists via word-of-mouth online that MTV will never give the time of the day, and I’m supporting artists directly. I personally think the future of music is bright.

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