3DGPU.com Down

Argh, 3DGPU.com down for the moment due to the database not connecting. This is why I fear using a site that relies on databases, although the flexibilty they allow is useful.

The site host IM’d me the other day, but I was away from the computer. Not sure if he was going to warn me about this, or what, but an email could’ve sufficed. In any case, there’s nothing I can do until I can talk to him and find out what’s going on.

TextDrive Lifetime Hosting for $399

TextDrive are doing it a second, and final time; offering a lifetime hosting deal that is very hard to pass up. Unfortunately I don’t have $400 on hand, otherwise I’d jump on this. Check it out at TextDrive. This is the rare time when my roommate is right when she says I should save my money for a rainy day. Well, it’s pouring right now.

Merge Records on Supporting Artists

I emailed Merge Records, my favorite label, asking for a clarification on how to best support the artist they work with, buying a CD directly from them or, for convenience’s sake, buying it from the iTunes Music Store. This is in regards to The Arcade Fire, which I hope to buy the album and support them in any way I can. Here’s the response I got:

Ultimately, both ways are good for the band. iTunes is very generous with their splits to indie labels and that gets passed along to the band from us, it just takes a little longer. And of course, we split our profits from our own on-line sales directly with the band, too. So you can feel good about spending your money in either place.

I think iTunes has an exclusive song from the band’s self released EP right now, which we won’t have on our web site for a few weeks.

With the changing landscape of digital music and CD sales, this kind of knowledge is good to know. I highly recommend checking out Merge Records’s lineup of fantastic artists, and listen to their Radio to get a sample of great tunes.