3DGPU.com Down

Argh, 3DGPU.com down for the moment due to the database not connecting. This is why I fear using a site that relies on databases, although the flexibilty they allow is useful.

The site host IM’d me the other day, but I was away from the computer. Not sure if he was going to warn me about this, or what, but an email could’ve sufficed. In any case, there’s nothing I can do until I can talk to him and find out what’s going on.

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  1. BULL

    Damn, for a second I thought you were going to blame me… ;p


  2. Why, did you actually press that big red button that says “Self Destruct” on it? :O

  3. BULL

    Why, was I not supposed to??? I thought you said that was the “global reset” if I did anything bad… :lol:

  4. Steve

    In THAT case, I bet you keep the remote at hand at all times….. :D

  5. Steve

    In THAT case, BULL, you must carry the button with you all the time… heehee

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