GreenZap to take on Paypal

Final update for this post: GreenZap are now back online. Hooray! See the latest information on GreenZap.

A competitor to Paypal has stepped up to the plate. Called GreenZap, they are rewarding people that sign up to their service with $25 in their account when the service goes live this June 15th. Over the years, Paypal has been stepping on a lot of toes, with a near strangle-hold on handling online payments, and many people have been avoiding Paypal as a result.

GreenZap looks like it could be a good alternative, allowing you to send and receive money, as well as purchase goods and services online. Signing up doesn’t currently require any credit card or bank information, just name, address, email, and your own promo code.

Update: Thousands of people been coming here from Google, so I thought I’d mention there is an update in the comments on why GreenZap is down at the moment. Keep checking back here, and I’ll have an update when the site is back up.

Update 2: Just got this in email from GreenZap:

As previously mentioned, we are installing new servers, which are near completion. Our expectation is to have the site back up for Pre-Registration by Wednesday, April 13, 2005.

Update 3: Another update from GreenZap just came in:

Rather than install a temporary solution, Dell and Cisco are assisting us in building a very robust, expandable system to grow as our community does. As a result, it has taken a little more time than initially expected.

We expect the final pieces of our systems to be completed by tomorrow, at which time we will make the site available.

Once available, you will notice some additions, including (i) a contact us page, (ii) an FAQ section and (iii) an area for news and recent press releases.

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  1. Vincent

    Looks like it’s gone.

  2. They got slaughtered with visitors, so they are upgrading their servers. I got this in email:

    With over 5 million hits to our site in just 3 days, the GreenZap community has zapped around the world in record time!

    Because you are doing such a fantastic job expanding your GreenZap community, it has become necessary for us to upgrade our IT systems. We are currently experiencing a system overload- nearly 10 Megabits of inbound site traffic to be exact and that’s a ton!! This is an unexpected issue and we are currently working with Dell and Cisco to resolve the overload. We anticipate the equipment to be up and running in full capacity by the beginning of next week.

  3. Lis

    I got the same message from them :o) I’m hoping they have it all worked out and up-n-running by next week as planned….it’s about time Paypal had some decent competition!


  4. nathan

    I just talked to one of the developers of Greenzap and he assured me that it would be up and running by Monday.


  5. When you decide to get your $25, get it from this web site. It’s the best of the GreenZap sites and this guy is the Top GreenZapper.

  6. I think they will make it next week.They deserve, and so do we…
    To see all the news about greenzap you can go to
    They have lot of info and it’s updated every day.
    Happy Zapping

  7. Martin

    As far as I can see it now, it is a bunch of complete and utter clowns.

    1) They r taking on PP trying to compete with them. Yet to register your domain they go to and hide behind a proxy?

    2) They choose the cheapest registration for their domain on saving 20-30 bucks, yet they r so generous giving 25 bucks to anyone who registers with them?

    WHOIS Search Results for: GREENZAP.COM

    Registrant: Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States Registered through: ( Domain Name: GREENZAP.COM Created on: 09-Jan-05 Expires on: 09-Jan-11 Last Updated on: 02-Mar-05 Administrative Contact: Private, Registration Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States (480) 624-2599 Technical Contact: Private, Registration Domains by Proxy, Inc. 15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States (480) 624-2599 Domain servers in listed order: PARK19.SECURESERVER.NET PARK20.SECURESERVER.NET Registry Status: ACTIVE

    I may be wrong but NORMALLY such generosity smells of ONLY one thing – FRAUD.

    I will PUBLICLY apologise to everyone here if I hear confirmations from THREE different ppl that they DID actually receive those 25 dollar cheques in the post, those cheques CLEARED and those ppl did not find their bank accounts CLEARED OUT right after that :)

  8. Ken

    Happy Zapping LOL

    Should change the name to Green Saps cos that’s what you are if you get involved with this.

    They operate out of a grocery store in La Jolla for christ sake.
    What’s wrong with you people?

    You deserve to get taken if you are that stupid!”!

    Read the forums and take some honest advice,
    Rival Paypal?

  9. Geez Ken, this is your fourth troll post on two of my sites. Either you are a disgruntled ex-Paypal employee, or you’re disturbed in the head. We got your first immature troll post’s point, a second is not necessary. Maybe you should try constructive criticism on for size?

  10. Ken

    Immature troll post?
    Disgruntled ex paypal employee?
    I only see one post from myself here so I have to assume you are a firm supporter of Greenzap?
    In which case you are the one sick in the head not me.

    You want constructive criticism?

    Firstly Greenzap hid behind a proxy server.
    Following a flood of spam complaints they opted to disclose their contact details. These turned out to be a maildrop in a grocery store in La Jolla.
    Now I don’t know about you but I would expect the comany that intends to be a serious rival to Paypal to be a little more imaginitive.
    The telephone number given at the time was the same number listed on the BBB as the contact number for Damon Westmoreland.
    Anybody remember Caruba? Jet99? Telecard Network? Card Global? Mazumah? Best Of?

    When this information started appearing on the forums the details were changed yet again.
    ( I should point out here that all the facts above have been documented)

    There were also complaints that Greenzap were running malicious code on their website.
    Although they denied this and blamed it on a members email the site went down the very same day and remained down for several days following this complaint.
    Coincidence? Possibly.

    If this doesn’t make you want to think again then how about this?
    To get your hands on the $25.00 you will have to give Greenzap your home address , telephone number, email address and $100 of your own cash.
    Plus your bank details.

    Having had personal dealings with Damon Westmoreland I felt it my duty to warn others.
    Not only were withdrawals made from my card without my permission but I also lost $299 thanks to this guy.

    You still think I am troll-like and a little disturbed in the head?

    Go to any search engine and type in greenzap scam and read what others are saying.

    If you still continue to promote this crap after reading this then I hope your referrals take out a class action lawsuit against you when it all goes tits up.

  11. If you still continue to promote this crap after reading this then I hope your referrals take out a class action lawsuit against you when it all goes tits up.

    That’s about as immature a response as they come. Look, I’m not saying they’re not a scam, but like Google with their Gmail and the ruckus that caused, I give the benefit of the doubt until they’ve given us a reason to distrust them. You on the other hand are jumping up and down over a maildrop and domain registration. Sounds like you got a bone to pick with GreenZap.

  12. Jason

    I actually did some searching and found that they use a PMB (Post Mail Box) in La Jolla for their registration and other business mail. From what I know, just about every large company (including PayPal) uses a PMB or PO Box… so nothing out of the ordinary here.

    Second, what’s wrong with registering with godaddy? All sorts of very large companies use them?

    I agree with Matt… let GreenZap do what they said they’re going to do… so far they look very professional to me.


  13. Alex

    Ken, are you the same chap that lives in New Addington?


  14. fairplay

    GreenZap – How can a company could offer so much rewards.

    They had got 5 million visitors in 3 days!
    Grenzap says, anyone who opens a GreenZap account. It’s FREE, they’ll be rewarded, with $25 in their account, just for signing up. Also great offers great rewards for referring people.
    With GreenZap you can buy things online, transfer money throughout the world to anyone, receive money from anyone into this account and so on…
    It is said this is the highest paid in online. There is a wide talk in all forums, can really a company pay huge amounts for free to all and for referring.

    My question is, Though I had signed up, I would like to know how a company could offer so much rewards?

    If you are not aware of the site, I had given the link below so that people can study it and discuss here or sign up


  15. rhogo

    How can greenzap afford to pay so much in rewards?

    Plenty of people are going to fund their account with $100.00 to reach the “gold” level to reach that $30.00 for every referral.

    So a half million people shove $100.00 into an “account” and they shuffle the $$ around and “pay” people…a common scam.

    You’ve heard of it: people who “invest” their $$ (usually in realestate development or gemstone mining) and the person who presented the “investment” makes a few “payments”, with other “investors” $$ which convinces more people to get involved, and then the person who presented the “investment” disappears with millions.

    The fact that this is a supposed “financial” type website and they’re not even running SSL encryption on the pre-registration was the second red flag. The first was lack of company information. Then I read the overview and the scam is clear.

    Good luck to those of you who decide to go for the cash. I’m pretty sure the only green that is gonna get zapped is yours.

  16. Alex

    I guess you could have asked the same question of PayPal when they first started.

    The interesting thing is that PayPal is now a 5+ billion dollar company. I’m sure they could have (if they wanted to) reward their members a lot more than they did.

    If GreenZap want’s to reward us for expanding their community, I’m all for that!

  17. Lucy

    Are ya’ll really hard-pressed for $25? I’d wait until the summer to see what develops. People sure are interested in free money. Apparently, ya’ll don’t make more than $25 at your jobs. Interesting.

  18. Wagg

    Actually, Lucy, some people are hard-pressed for $25. Some people are to young to get a decent job. Some people have money problems. Just ’cause you make lots, doesn’t mean that you have to sarcastically make fun of others for their lack of money.

  19. rhogo

    It’s not the lure of $25.00, it’s the promise of much more for recruiting….four recruits = $120.00 (at gold level) ten recruits = $1,200.00 Just about anyone can reach 10 sign ups a week…I think that’s where people are getting sucked.

    People have already purchased keywords from Google. Not only have they not made the first cent, but they’re already investing to promote a company that, at this point, is vapor, it doesn’t exist. Never mind the bad press that’s circulating.

    Nah, I don’t think it’s as simple as $25.00 in most instances.

  20. Alex

    Damon posted his contact information (below) in another room. I called him, and spoke with him for a while. He’s very nice, and seems to be straight up. I actually did research and almost all of the information posted about Damon is either 100% incorrect or a distorted version of the truth.

    Here is his info, call him yourself.


    If you would like to contact me, I would be more than happy to chat with anyone.

    My personal contact information is:

    Damon Westmoreland
    858-335-7325 – cellular

  21. Damon Westmoreland and Greenzap


    He can tell you anything he wants. However, does it not seem strange to you that all of his companies (cardglobal, mazumah, jet99) have unsatisfactory ratings with the BBB?? I really doubt that the BBB has any motive to slander Mr. Westmoreland, but I do not doubt that he is an extremely smooth talker who knows what to say and when to say it. And if there was nothing to hide, why all the secrecy? It all just seems a bit stange to me.

  22. Damon Westmoreland and Greenzap


    He has no choice right now that a definitive link has been established between him and greenzap, wouldn’t you agree? The secrecy i was referring to was on the part of Greenzap over the last few weeks, but that is largely besides the point. Trust me, me and my 200+ downline would love to believe that everything with this is legit…just having a very hard time doing it

  23. Alex

    I understand. I was skeptical too.

    I would let him respond, read his post, then do your own research. From speaking with him, and doing my own investigation, I found that everything was fine.

  24. Damon Westmoreland and Greenzap

    The trouble is, I have done my own research, and it is anything but encouraging. Anytime I’m dealing with something as important as my bank info, (Yeah, I know right now its not necessary but down the line) a statement or conversation with him isn’t going to mean a whole heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things. Again, I can’t say for certain that this is a scam, but it certainly has all the makings of one. Wait and See is the strategy I’m taking. All promotion has ceased that’s for sure.

  25. John

    Nobody ever heard of Alex Sonkin.
    Michael Bernstein is connected to a SBD Inc and I Travel Solution but who the hell are they?
    The whole thing stinks people!

  26. Chyna

    Do a search for “Damon Westmoreland” people and reach your own conclusions.

    Personally, I would run far far far away.

  27. Alex

    I found an interesting article about Damon Westmoreland and Caruba! Read below:

    The name Caruba is a melding of “California and Aruba”. Ivan Shew-a-tjon and his former partner, Damon Westmoreland are from Aruba and California, respectively, hence the name ‘Caruba’.

    Caruba’s Website –

    Originating as an off-shore financial services company, Caruba’s purpose was providing information and strategy in banking outside of the U.S. They have since broadened their services.

    Apparently, there was an issue Caruba with the state of Alaska. From what I found, one of Caruba’s distributors had created his own website, which had incorrect information. In speaking with the Alaska regulators, I found out that Caruba had resolved the issue with Alaska by having the distributor take the site down.

    I called Mr. Westmoreland to ask him a few questions regarding Caruba. Here was his response:

    “Although I am no longer actively involved, Caruba is still in business and going well. I left Caruba on good terms and what a lot of people don’t know is that I personally loaned the company a little over $100,000.00 to cover business expenses and commissions due to the members. To date, Caruba has not paid me back. From what I hear they are doing well, so hopefully one day, they will send me a check. Mr. Shew-a-tjon is a great guy and I’ve always wished him the best of success.”

    I asked him to provide evidence of his loan to Caruba. Attached below is a letter from Ivan Shew-a-tjon (president of Caruba), outlining the amount that I loaned Caruba, the reason why and when it was supposed to be be paid back.

  28. John

    “I asked him to provide evidence of his loan to Caruba. Attached below is a letter from Ivan Shew-a-tjon (president of Caruba), outlining the amount that I loaned Caruba, the reason why and when it was supposed to be be paid back.”

    Did anybody notice that it states “I” in the message above not “HE”

    “I asked him to provide evidence ”
    “the amount that I loaned Caruba”

    Typo error?

  29. there’s an informative site,, that’s tracking this whole greenzap fiasco…for me, i’m glad i googled around first before signing up!

  30. John

    It just gets better every day.
    Glenn Garnes recently gave an interview online in place of Alex Sonkin. Glenn Garnes gave the impression he was a well respected lawyer.
    However, apparently Glenn Garnes was connected to Prepaid Legal Services.
    And the guy behind that is currently serving a jail sentence.

  31. Hey, I just heard my name was being taken in vain over here, and I thought I’d stop by and see what was going on. I’d be interesting in knowing who it is at Prepaid Legal that someone is alleging is serving a jail sentence. I was indeed an active Prepaid Legal associate as are tens of thousands of others nationwide, and to my knowledge Harland Stonecipher, the company CEO is not serving time or out on bail.

    The interview I gave was not in place of Alex Sonkin. I was contacted directly by the interviewer for his radio show because I put out my own press release promoting a GreenZap site that I created, and received a phone call from this guy. The bottom line is that I made it very clear that I was just a GreenZap community member just like anybody else that signed up to get an account, so I was not asked to speak on behalf of GreenZap or Alex Sonkin. Indeed, I’m not even sure they knew I had been contacted prior to the interview.

    If someone thinks that being a Prepaid Legal Associate is a bad thing the best thing I can say is that everybody is entitled to their opinion. But, to falsely claim that someone went to jail involving the company, that’s most unfortunate and completely inaccurate.

    Warmest regards,

    Glenn K. Garnes
    (301) 776-1490 Phone
    (202) 318-0341 Fax (personal weblog)

  32. lisa

    What I truly don’t understand why people continue to support and defend Damon Westmoreland especially now that there is a clear indication that Damon Westmoreland is the owner and operator of Greenzap especially when had scammed internet users very successfully before.

    Isn’t the money, people, that he promises? Give him $100 and he’ll give you back $25? I don’t see how that is profitable.

    Get your friends and family members each to give Damon and his associates $100 and they give $5 in return for each.

    I can obviously see the paramid scam with Greenzap that Damon used very successfully before.

    Why Greenzap supporters and Greenzap press releases always try to hide Damon?

    It would be really nice if Greenzap press releases come out and state, “Oh, by the way, Greenzap is orginated and orchestrated by Mr. Damon Westmoreland who had successfully scammed many internet users. He is often known to many internet users as the #1 Internet Scammer and Public Enemy #1. Promoters had called him up and then stated that Mr. Damon Westmoreland sounded like a pretty good guy…”

    Of course, he sounded like a pretty good guy, Alex, he’s a scammer — he’s not going to tell you otherwise.

    O.J. Simpson sounds like a pretty good guy, too. Let’s get blonde girls to his house and maybe he’ll give us $25 initially and many $5 for each girl thereafter.

    Do you understand what I’m driving at, Alex? Yes, you, the Alex that posted here and elsewhere with the same crap.

  33. Charlie

    I am skeptical of any PayPal alternative. Even though the registration data for the GreenZap domain was hidden, I think the fact that Mr. Westmoreland provided his phone number on-line for anyone to contact him speaks volumes. Name one PayPal or eBay executive that posted his or her personal phone number on-line for anyone to dial. I cannot think of one.

    I have not pre-registered with GreenZap yet, I am going to wait until the service is launched and read user reviews before I sign up for another electronic-funds transfer service. I was burned by PayPal and I do not wish to be burned by another payment service.

  34. Jason

    First, Damon is not employed by, nor does he own GreenZap. Second, If HE really did all those things that are posted, don’t you think he’d be in some hot water???

    His companies (some of which have been operating since 1999), and are still going today.

    I’m not sticking up for him, It’s just odd to see everyone IMMEDIATELY believe what’s written on some websites, which posts ads (and earn money) from people trafficing them.

    The irony is that you’re all benefiting the websites that you’re complaining on, which leads me to a thought… I wonder if Damon owns all of the websites that negative information is being posted on, that would be funny!


  35. John


    I questioned your connection with Prepaid Legal Services after being directed to this by a subscriber:

    However it would appear that more than one company goes under the title Prepaid Legal Services.
    Perhaps you can put an end to this rumour by indicating which Prepaid Legal Services you were connected to?

    Why was I alerted to it in the first place?

    There has been so much controversy regarding Greenzap that people are now scouring the internet looking for any scrap of information that will prove Greenzap is a scam.
    Every online forum is flooded with messages claiming Greenzap is a scam. Why?
    Even “Naysayers” do not go to all this trouble.
    So why is there so much negativity regarding Greenzap?

    Because Greenzap is shrouded in secrecy.
    The interview with Alex Sonkin was a perfect opportunity for Greenzap to silence the so called “Naysayers” but turned out to be a PR disaster where Greenzap is concerned.

    Alex Sonkin was not able to answer any of the questions put to him by the guys at E Auctionair.

    For the benefit of anybody who has not listened to the interviews here are the main topics…

    1) Why is there no disclaimer on the Greenzap website?
    2) Why is Greenzap not licensed as a Financial Management Service?
    3) Why is Greenzap not registered with the Secretary of State in San Diego?
    Why does Greenzap share a SSL Cert with Jet99 which D.W. owns?
    4) Does Damon Westmoreland own Greenzap?
    5) Why does the company that threatens to rival Paypal operate out of a Ralphs Grocery Store?
    6) Who are the Board Members of Greenzap?
    7) What is the Physical Address of Greenzap?

    All week we have been hearing that all will be revealed, but it hasn’t been.
    Who is the Cisco EVP that is on the board?
    Who are the bankers that are backing Greenzap?
    Where is the proof that Myles Hubers has joined the group?

    Damon Westmoreland promised to provide evidence to prove all the accusations against him were total fabrications.
    Yet the forum which was set up by Romy Blystone to allow him to do so suddenly disappeared.
    The explanation? He suddenly felt the urge to upgrade his software.

    The whole thing has now descended into a total farce.
    Did anybody hear Bill Crawfords comment about “Funny Money”? If not have a listen:

    Glenn Garnes finally admitted in a telephone conversation with a “Naysayer” that he knows practically nothing about Greenzap.
    Despite being an intelligent man with a background in law he is quite happy to recommend Greenzap to all and sundry without knowing anything at all about the company.

    Jason Steen has been posting his Happy Zappy messages all over the internet. And even now, despite the fact that he too has listened to the interview with Michael Donahue, he still continues to post his Happy Zappy messages on the Greenzap forums.

    Now we have messages appearing on other forums from a Greenzap FREE member who makes a point of declaring that he is not D.W. claiming that anybody that does not join Greenzap must be a total moron. He also adds that Damon Westmoreland probably owns all the websites the forums are hosted on and throws in a few veiled threats for good measure.

    Neither myself, nor I suspect does Michael Donahue, have a personal issue with Damon Westmoreland or anybody else connected with Greenzap.
    We have just been trying to get to the truth because so far everything about Greenzap smells.

    Alex Sonkin actually claimed in the interview that Damon Westmoreland has an exemplary background and all the rumours about his past were totally untrue.
    Does he really expect us to believe that the Federal Trade Commission and The Better Business Bureau are liars?

    Alex, Michael, Damon, Jason or whatever could quash all the rumours right now by naming the people who are behind Greenzap and giving us the physical address of the corporate office.
    Failing to do so after all that has gone on this week would be tantamount to a confession that the whole thing is indeed a scam.

  36. Guillermo

    I understand you are promoting Greenzap that is fine. Why don’t you also include in your promotional materials the information about Damon the owner of Greenzap who hired Alex Sonkin and Michael Berstein’s company SBD to publish the self-publish press-releases and other PR works which Mr. Sonkin is bad at when Damon Westmoreland was hiding behind Proxy until is smoked out? Once he is smoked out and what did we find? Greenzap is connected and shared with Damon’s many other paramid scamming sites and phone numbers? Busted!

    Then what happened? Damon changed all the phone numbers to a New York number and announced in the press release that Sonkin is now the president of Greenzap to do all the PR work but he is not a good enough of a liar. I guess SBD has to do a better job for Damon.

    And Jason,

    Why are you misleading people with “Zappy Happy” postings.

    Why don’t you state the paramid scam behind Greenzap?
    Get $25 but you can’t withdraw. Wire $100 to us at Greenzap and we’ll give $5 referal fee when someone you recruited also wired us at Greenzap $100 as well.

    Why don’t you state that it’s these $100 that members wired directly from their checking account to Greenzap’s account that is used to reward new sign-ups.

    Isn’t this a paramid scam or a ponzi, Jason?

    Why don’t you state that people can not withdraw the $25?

    Tell the truth, Jason, Sonkin, Romy, and Nick.

    No one is buying the Damon is a consultant — the is the greastest

    Sonkin claimed to do a thorugh background research on Damon. Lie!

    Lies, lies, lies.

    What is the other of half of the truth be told?

  37. Guillermo

    I am addressing Jason Steen and not the other Jason.

  38. There are about 100 questions in there, which most have alredy been answered on the zaptoday forums. in leiu of posting the same information 100 times across the internet, go there, see the answers, and if you find something that is not answered, post a note there, email me, or call me, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

    Jason Steen /

  39. Guillermo

    Isn’t Greenzap a paramid scam, Jason Steen? Or is it a ponzi?

    Isn’t it designed to ripped people of their $100 so that Greenzap can pay $25 to new sign-ups?

    Isn’t Damon Westmoreland a part owner?

    Simple questions? Straight answers would be appreicated — no spin.

    I spoke with Ebay on their LIVE CHAT…they hadn’t heard of Greenzap and promised to keep me informed.

  40. Guillermo

    I will continue to pester Ebay people until I get the truth.

    No personal, Jason, I just don’t like scammers and liars.

  41. Guillermo, ebay Chat is customer Service, it’s not Safeharbor, yet alone the Legal Department that sets policy. Customer Service abides by policies, and has no juristiction over polices, nor does it involve itself wtih fraud, billing, investigations, shill bidding, spoofing, or material content that violates any Seller/buyer TOS. They can suggest that you email the appropriate department, and they can also pass along your findings, conclusions and investigative details to security or other groups. I have done this many times on chat and over the phone to San Jose Headquarters. Ebay cannot force a seller to accept Paypal only and the seller has the option to be paid in any way he/she elects to do so. Greenzap can be selected like any other P2P method if they elect to. Question would be if buyers would also be interested to use this method.

    But the bigger focus I suggest is that you simply let this go. Let Greenzap prove to it;s members what they planned to do and offer or fail to offer. I don’t think that you will convince anyone who is a die heart Greenzapper to disband from what they are currently doing: building a downline.

    Surely those who have taken a Wait and See attitude (watching on the sidelines) will either quickly rejoin the effort after Jun 1st or June 15th…. or will simply say… Glad i didn’t give them $100.

    Those that have said.. enough of this! Scam Scam Scam….gain to learn what entrapments could exist in the offerings of future companies all wanting to compete with the Biggest scammer Paypal!

  42. John

    Let it go?
    I don’t think so.
    I am building quite a dossier.

  43. Guillermo

    Let it go? I don’t think so.
    I am just wanting for a proof that Damon is the owner and all his associates are telling lies.

    here’s a link that states Linda Murphy is the owner — Damon’s right hand person. I guess now Damon is hiding behind this person.

    The whole truth will come out eventually. So why wait, Mr. Sonkin, Damon?

    Why the paramid scam/ponzi?

    Did PayPal has this paramid scam/ponzi?

    I just don’t like scammers.

  44. somedude

    WTF is a paramid?

  45. Cixic

    Jason Steen you’ve become non postal, what’s up? Did you really think you could hide! Those photos & what’s with the red hair, what were you thinking!

  46. Guillermo

    WTF is a paramid?

    It’s an ancient structure found in Egypt. To learn more about the paramid and ancient Egypt, click the link below.

    Scam is Greenzap taking members money to pay new sign-ups while the owner is hiding behind DomainsByProxy, P.O. Box, and and Linda Murphy.

    Scam is also a crime committed by Damon Westmoreland and his associates.

    To learn more about these crimes and scams, click on the link below.

  47. If he has committed a crime, shouldn’t you guys be working with the authorities about the matter, or are your convictions too rumor-based that you don’t dare involve the authorities?

  48. Anders Tomilsson

    There seems to be a “…if they have done something bad, turn them in, otherwise….” and “…if PayPal and eBay are thriving and we model ourselves like them “except fair”…then why not let people judge for themselves?” Get a bit old. I’d like to make an interesting wager as to how many people|personae are actually posting to this site to defend GreenZap. I’m willing to wager isn’t nowhere near the number of names we see being used. The number of people defending GZ are a might too defensive. And “3rd party” personalities, “Hey! I heard about this new business which will be fairer than …..” is as bogus as I’ve seen in over fifteen years on the ‘net.

    Is there a reason to have doubt? As Dr. Phil says, “The best prediction of future behavior is previous actions.” Look at the names affiliated with GZ and their previous actions. Numerous BBB reports, several FTC run-ins, a mailbox in Ralph’s Grocery Store (#177) but a phone number in Manhattan, New York, etc.

    Someone can claim they’ve finally seen the light and should be given another chance, but when it’s the second chance, then the third chance, then the fourth chance, where do we stop granting chances? I’m sure they think they can go “straight” by modeling themselves after a multi-billion dollar company (“Hey! Instead of breaking the law(s) and getting caught, why not go legit and compete against PayPal! We’ll all be BILLIONAIRES! We couldn’t earn that much doing M.L-M[1] or Ponzi schemes.

    Aside from watching media sources which have been snowed a bit[2], I have also been notified of GZ’s presence via spam. And if they claim they hired someone to do their mailing or that company purchased a list of opt-in members, those who hire spammers, are no better than spammers. The best way to see if these people are lying? “Are their lips moving?”

    I can promise multiple people are monitoring this activity and when GZ proudly goes *live*, hoping for media attention (in a good way), they will likely also get media attention about their cadre’s prior activities. I know of several people who are ready to put together a media brief which will be distributed to all of the local media – tv news affiliates, newspapers, etc., warning viewers|readers of what they stand the chance of getting into.

  49. Jason

    You guys are funny…

  50. If any of you have studied the compensation/reward program that greenzap offers. You will find that they pay out a total of $80 per new Gold member. Yes that is right, not just the $25 for the person joing and not just the $5 for the referrer. So how can a company possible afford to pay out that much? Lets look at how I came up with teh $80 number.

    $25 – to person who joins

    $5 – to direct referrer, for regular members

    $20 – to direct referrer, for Gold member upgrade (someone who deposites $100). Lets stop here for a sec and ask ourselfs a question. “Why would I get extra incentive when someone deposites $100?”

    $30 – to upline org. They make you work to get $30, but even if youre still at the $5 or $10 level… the rest of the monies are going to the next person.

    This is a grand total of $80! Again, how can a company afford that? ooooooooo I know… with the $100 deposites.

    Do you guys actually think greenzap can make all this money back from fees? They are probably making some of it back from selling your information.

  51. katie

    ::sigh:: Greed is an amazing thing. And the naivete running rampant across this board would be astonishing…if it were true. Some of the people asking “why can’t this the real deal?” might be legitimate posters who are easily sucked in by a well-spoken, charming con artist like Damon Westmoreland, but someone that stubbornly stupid deserves to get hosed. The others are clearly people hoping to benefit in some way from GreenZap. To those legitimately searching for evidence regarding GreenZap, use your brain. An above-board company does not generate this much smack. If it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, smells like a scam, and is being decried high and low as a scam, it’s a frigging scam.

  52. katie wrote on May 6th, 2005 at 7:57 pm
    “If it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, smells like a scam, and is being decried high and low as a scam, it’s a frigging scam.”

    1st off, I’d like to give a Thanks out to the people who do not just believe to something, but try to research the truth!
    I just set up a security site for personal computer and it should be non-profit with an open-source project, however… I was thinking about to add an donate function to the site and then while reading through the useragreements from paypal, I did some little research and found which made me think twice if I should sign-up to them.
    I done some more research with keywords “paypal alternative” and found the advertise of greenzap.
    well, what a luck I did not sign-up blindly and took the time to read through all those forums, related to the somewhat company and I can just agree with the many other people who think that greenzap is tryin to make some fraudulent pyramid scam.
    There is no company, which just starts up their service, which can offer their customers directly such an amount of money!
    Letz review, if letz say 1million people register to their service and each of them will “just” get the 25bucks, it’s still 25.000.000USD they need to invest and no company will in any kind do that, face it!
    Btw pyramid systems are always scam, only the higher tiers earn money and all the lower people invest, instead of earn anything…
    My own opinion and suggest to all others which still think about if they should sign-up or not, leave it there are better ways to earn money and other things that are more worth the trust!
    A company that wants to start such, must be transparent to their customers and not hide, entangle their state of being at hand.


  53. Max

    Here’s some GreenZap info I haven’t seen posted anywhere: In order to spend the $25 online (which is the only way you’ll be able to) the mechant will have to accept GreenZap. Granted, if GreenZap is legit, most merchants will accept it eventually. But even if that’s the case, your referrals will not have much choice of companies to spend their $25 any time soon after the launch.

    I REALLY want GreenZap to be for real… but I’m in flux about this right now.

  54. heebro5

    I think Russel (comment #54) brings a compelling argument for how this has to be a scam. But, there’s one problem: According to GreenZap’s overview, you don’t need to give ANY money to recieve $25 free OR to receive $5 for primary referrals. You only need to give $100 if you want to UPGRADE to a Gold member, where you’ll get community rewards. So, then its no longer so simple. How can they make that promise to pay people $25 and $5 per referral if you don’t need to give $100. This is what no one seems to address

  55. Some Guy

    How can they make that promise to pay people $25 and $5 per referral if you don’t need to give $100.

    So they will pay some people. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a scam. In fact, that would be the best way to get the most possible people to pay the $100 (a la Ponzi Scheme)

  56. Niko

    Ok. I will tell you one thing….
    You have seen many arguments….
    After reading them I can tell that they will get you!
    The person is cheated only if he allows to do that.
    Respect to GreenZap! The owner will have much money! Some of you will have $25. Great deal, good idea!
    That is the american dream to become rich in few moments… Let’s help the owner to fulfill his american dream LMAOOOOOOOO

  57. Please Go to Website and only make an id and charge ur Account with 25$ free web cash with out investment
    and u can esily online shoping.

  58. Muhammad Faysal has invited you to join GreenZap, the future of online payments. Click on the link below to go to GreenZap and signup! GreenZap will give you $25 in WebCash in return. All thanks to Muhammad Faysal. The future of money is zappening with Greenzap. Its very easy to make an account. And u can get more rewardz easily my makeing more firends. It is Alternate to Paypal or Storm Pay. And very easy options are availabe to transfer the cash and online shop.

  59. Where Are They Now?

    Well since last night sometime it appears that we have another case of “WHERE IS DA ZAP?” I noticed some banners I had put on some small sites werent showing up. So, I checked and lo and behold, site is gone AGAIN.Never one to miss out on a POSSIBLE ground floor opportunity, I put a small bit of time (less then an hour) dropping some banners here are there, AND OF COURSE still sent ZERO cash and ZERO banking info, and just when it looked almost real THERE GONE AGAIN. When I saw them listimg all the merchants they claimed were going to accept GREENZAP, thats when my sirens started going off. And as many have said, If the big boys like Amazon, Best Buy etc dont take a monster like PayPal, who sees them running to sign up with Green Zap. It will be interesting to see if we ever hear anymore from them ecept some reports on Court TV!!

  60. Zapatista

    This is a warning about Damon Westmoreland’s scumbag scamming behavior BEFORE GreenZap.
    If you’re stupid enough not to click the links and read the facts for yourself, you deserve what you get. SCAM & Damon Westmoreland’s Past

    ********** NEW INFO ************

    Damon Westmoreland: Judgments > $1,000,000

    Damon Westmoreland (owner of, and partial owner
    of is buried in debt resulting from his illegal scamming in
    the Tele-Card and Caruba scams. As reported in Offshore Alert, a
    newsletter on international white-collar financial fraud published by, Damon Westmoreland has incurred over $1 MILLION in
    tax liens and civil judgments. Public records show no less than 11
    judgments again Mr. Westmoreland, one alone $692,207.00 (File
    #980411328, San Diego County). This indicates that King Pyramid
    himself walked away with plenty of $ while his victims got nothing in
    return. Link

    Most interestingly, Damon Westmoreland is in Phase Two of his travel
    scam career. Does anybody remember
    was another “travel and cash rewards program” that was shut down in
    2001 by the US Postal Service for perpetrating MAIL FRAUD. The San
    Diego BBB linked DAMON WESTMORELAND to this former incarnation of the SCAM. Please see the BBB warning:…compid=27002208

    An article about Damon Westmoreland’s scam (Jet99 Part
    I) from another highly credible source, Infoworld:…livingston.html

    Another link to Damon Westmoreland’s former SCAM (Jet99’s big

    JET99.COM Members: Does This Sound Familiar?
    (excerpt from the InfoWorld article)

    [Postal authorities seize the cash flow of the Internet outfit known
    PayLine made incredible promises through its Web site and a
    sophisticated e-mail marketing campaign. First, you’d pay $200. Then
    you’d sign up two other members. After that, you’d get a pro rata
    share of 50 percent of all the money received from future members, to
    be divided among older members.
    In addition, you’d receive one free “travel mile” for every member who
    joined after you, whether or not you’d personally enrolled them.
    PayLine promised thousands of miles of free airline tickets. More than
    290,000 Internet users had “preregistered” by e-mail as of the last
    time I checked a digital counter at the site, which I believe to be

    It looks like DAMON WESTMORELAND is rather unimaginative. The only
    thing he changed from to was the fact that
    the US Postal Service cannot touch him this time around, because he is
    now using the Internet for all monetary exchanges. What the scammer
    failed to realize is that he is not out of reach of the State Attorney
    General and the FBI. While Damon imagined himself as being clever
    this time around, he did not stop to think that unlike past US Mail
    deliveries, all electronic financial transactions are 100% traceable.
    Both credit card transactions and electronic checks are stored
    indefinitely in databases that can be subpoenaed by law enforcement
    agencies. Hey Damon, one step forward, 99 steps back!

    Contact Info

    Known Addresses for DAMON E. WESTMORELAND, age 32:

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    3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #213, San Diego, CA 92130
    5086 Playa Portofino Cmno , San Diego, CA 92124
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    8039 Caminito De Pizza , San Diego, CA 92108
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    PO Box 86332, San Diego, CA 92138

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    Fact, as stated on the conference call: Damon Westmoreland,
    CEO of is also an owner of Only under pressure did he admit to this
    connection. was previously represented as an independent
    legitimate funding service. The fine print indicates that
    simply acts as a “trustee” of your money, as they are not a licensed
    financial management service or depository institution. Because facilitates its payment through private labeled ATM/
    check-cards, they demand that you supply your SSN and date of birth,
    plus of course your street address. This enables the
    pyramid/Ponzi scam to victimize you in an identity theft scheme after
    they take your initial $119. Do you want Damon Westmoreland to have
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    Aside from the fact that and are one in the
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    Tele-Card Network

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    Better Business Bureau Warning About Damon Westmoreland

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  61. I just wanted to leave my URL just incase enyone wanted $50 now it’s up from $25 Come hang out in my community I need all the help I can get. Oh bye the way this is the first time i ever had the ceo;president’s(Alex)of a company;s personal cell phone and he answers it almost every time I call him. Jugde not are let the be jugded. I know there will be commit,But these guy’s must of had parent’s like mine;Words don’t hurt but, brake the law to the time will.

  62. sue paul

    I’ve already reported them to the Better Business Bureau ( and the Federal Trade Commission ( I wouldn’t have done so if they would have not turned my $100 deposit into Webcash.

    I thought I would put $100 into my account to start a savings account that we couldn’t dip into. Greenzap turned it into Webcash and gave me bonus Webcash for the deposit. I can’t do anything with the Webcash. I can use it to shop at their affilitated stores (they earn money for each shopping spree you do when you go through their shopping links). I can also use it to earn cash back but I have to spend a certain percentage to get my $100 back. For example I would have to spend $1000 at a store offering 10% cash back to be my $100 back.

    So now I have useless Webcash just sitting in my account unused. It will remain unused and I won’t give it away for free to build someone else’s account, not unless I got my $100 back anyway. I could careless about any of the so called bonuses or rewardz.

    I wanted a savings account. I ended up losing $100 and I’m too afraid to add any more money because I worry they will just convert that to Webcash too.

  63. jennifer

    I got scammed by Greenzap. I thought when I upgraded I would get $100 webcash and $100 cash to spend at storez. No, the scammers turned my money into webcash. What good is the stupid webcash? I can’t even send to nobody? How could I be so stupid?

    I want a refund! If I don’t get my money back fast, I’m calling the FBI.

    F U Greenzap!

  64. Jean

    Oh my goodness! Me too!!! I’ve tried to get my money back with no success :(.. Greenzap SUCKS!!!

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