GreenZap Back Online

I just got an email from GreenZap letting me know that their site is now back online. See the original post to find out why they were down. Their site now feature new pages you can check out for more information, including a Q&A page that may answer any questions you may have. Including the one question I hear asked a lot, and the answer to that question:

Q: How can GreenZap afford to reward members with $5 to $30 for everyone in their community?

A: GreenZap understands the value of a customer. Many Fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of dollars in an effort to acquire a single customer. Instead of spending millions on advertising and marketing, GreenZap expects their community to spread the word about who they are and what they do. By doing so, GreenZap has the flexibility to re-distribute funds back to their valued members who help them grow every day.

Now that GreenZap are back online, you can register for an account and get $25 in your account for free when they open their service up in mid-June. Plus for each person you refer under your promocode, you get even more money. All that is required currently to sign up is name, address, and email address. Sign up now.

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  1. fairplay

    GreenZap – How can a company could offer so much rewards.

    GreenZap, a new Online payment service(like paypal) is launched. They had got 5 million visitors in 3 days!

    Grenzap says, anyone who opens a GreenZap account. It’s FREE, they’ll be rewarded, with $25 in their account, just for signing up. Also great offers great rewards for referring people.

    With GreenZap you can buy things online, transfer money throughout the world to anyone, receive money from anyone into this account and so on…

    It is said this is the highest paid in online. There is a wide talk in all forums, can really a company pay huge amounts for free to all and for referring.

    My question is, Though I had signed up, I would like to know how a company could offer so much rewards. If you are not aware of the site, I had given the link below so that people can study it and discuss here or sign up

    (Also if you are signing up, clink a link called preregister fill promo code as greenzapfree and press go in their pre register page.)


  2. Cautious

    Use caution with this one.

    Has all the hallmarks of a MLM scam.

    Very few functional details. Website focuses on how to get paid by referrals.

    Whois info appears to show a reference to Damon Westmoreland, a notorious MLM/ponzi schemer.

    Keep your eyes and ears open.

  3. And *obviously* you provide sound evidence to support your claim.

    I’m sorry, but all the accusations and finger-pointing are just that, they aren’t evidence. There’s been no evidence that GreenZap is a scam. None. Until then, I exercise the same thing the court of law does – the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty.

    This same thing happened with Gmail, and up to this day, all the pitchfork-wielding finger-pointers have been proven wrong about Google and Gmail. If you aren’t comfortable with GreenZap, simply don’t sign up, but stop acting like judge and executioner when you clearly haven’t done any mature thinking about the matter.

  4. Matt, are you on Damon’s payroll?

    You are about the only person other than Damon and his cronies that seem to be defending this.

    Even Romy shut his site down; hopefully his eyes were opened. Either that or he was paid off to cover up some of the disclosures made there.


  5. If I was on his payroll, I certainly wouldn’t be working on 4 different sites and a part-time job. :P

    The thing is, I’ve been around on the net for a long while, and these kind of knee-jerk reactions happen all the time. It even happened with Paypal, the company was attacked and accused of all kinds of crap, yet now they’re a billion dollar company with over 60 million accounts. I’m not defending anyone here, I’m being realistic.

  6. Alex

    I found an interesting article about Damon Westmoreland and Caruba! Read below:

    The name Caruba is a melding of “California and Aruba”. Ivan Shew-a-tjon and his former partner, Damon Westmoreland are from Aruba and California, respectively, hence the name ‘Caruba’.

    Caruba’s Website –

    Originating as an off-shore financial services company, Caruba’s purpose was providing information and strategy in banking outside of the U.S. They have since broadened their services.

    Apparently, there was an issue Caruba with the state of Alaska. From what I found, one of Caruba’s distributors had created his own website, which had incorrect information. In speaking with the Alaska regulators, I found out that Caruba had resolved the issue with Alaska by having the distributor take the site down.

    I called Mr. Westmoreland to ask him a few questions regarding Caruba. Here was his response:

    “Although I am no longer actively involved, Caruba is still in business and going well. I left Caruba on good terms and what a lot of people don’t know is that I personally loaned the company a little over $100,000.00 to cover business expenses and commissions due to the members. To date, Caruba has not paid me back. From what I hear they are doing well, so hopefully one day, they will send me a check. Mr. Shew-a-tjon is a great guy and I’ve always wished him the best of success.”

    I asked him to provide evidence of his loan to Caruba. Attached below is a letter from Ivan Shew-a-tjon (president of Caruba), outlining the amount that I loaned Caruba, the reason why and when it was supposed to be paid back.


  7. Ginger

    I see no mention of any Damon person on the registrant’s info.


    8677 Villa La Jolla Drive
    PMB # 1121
    La Jolla, California 92037
    United States

    Registered through: (
    Domain Name: GREENZAP.COM
    Created on: 09-Jan-05
    Expires on: 09-Jan-11
    Last Updated on: 02-Mar-05

    Administrative Contact:
    Bernstein, Michael
    8677 Villa La Jolla Drive
    PMB # 1121
    La Jolla, California 92037
    United States
    Technical Contact:
    Bernstein, Michael
    8677 Villa La Jolla Drive
    PMB # 1121
    La Jolla, California 92037
    United States

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Registry Status: ACTIVE

  8. Alex

    I just heard the former Executive Vice President of Cisco is on GreenZap’s advisory board.

    That’s great news!

  9. Sounds like Alex Jurecki/Brian Gross is the newest stooge sent out to infiltrate the various boards.

    This identical message about Cisco has been posted in many places without any documentation.

  10. I, too, would like to know whom Alex is. I would also like to know where he got his information from. *tries to remember if it was mentioned on a conference call*.. .and it may have been actually… either the first or second one…

    any rate….there’s an ongoing discussion about this on the GreenZap Community Forums:

  11. Jane

    Damon Westmoreland is the owner! Enough said!

    Buncha scammers!

  12. gary

    from now on every site that has e california address and is on godaddy is owned by Damon Westmoreland in essence this is whats being said his name isnt mentioned anywhere in the whois ,dns or nothing else you peopleneed to grow up you cant run a scam with out people paying in money they are giving not taking and i do remember a certin site(paypal) wich gives money for referrals and bonuses also so i guess there a scam also duh

  13. The Greenzap address is a Pak Mail Box. Not a good sign.

  14. Devin

    I believe PayPal was offering $5 for each referred sign up when they first started weren’t they?

  15. Just received an email about this company as well. Not too fond of the idea of the network marketing (think Amway, blah).

    I found an ad on and (NY) as well to sign up but the people at CB took the ad down there after saying they don’t support third party payment services that have yet to even launch for security reasons and have their own payment and escrow system built in for free. I’ve been looking for an alternative to PayPal for a while. (Fees, fees and more fees).

    Devin, yes, PP did offer $5.00 for a referred sign up. Don’t recall ever seeing the money but that was back in 1999/2000 I think. There’s a book on PayPal called “The PayPal Wars” that talks more about how it was started and the dealing w/ eBay and underworld. Crazy read, actually.

  16. Champ

    THIS IS A SCAM, and I’ll tell you why. Why: Reason: they’re giving all this money away. good thing is a bad thing. because they say they don’t charge fees. well how are they going to make money. do they print it?

    Thank you, I am from Canada.

  17. Realist

    Lets look at the facts.

    First lets look at who owns greenzap – it appears that it is a man named Daom Westmorland – Evidenced by:
    Their SSL Certificate (which they removed) was shared with JET99
    (A site Westmorland controls.)

    Apparently GreenZap is owned by “Linda Murphy”

    Linda also appears as Damon’s media contact for another mlm site – mazumah,com

    Apparently, Damon has a ton of tax liens and civil judgements for fraud in other schemes.- you can read about it at:

    So we come down to this – we have a known scammer (Westmorland) who has known associtates (Murphy) starting a business that only has a mailbox at a Raph’s grocery store asking you to give them personal infomation and potentially give them access to private personal financial info.

    There are lots of obvious questions – one would be where are they getting the money to give everyone $25— Is Westmorland funding it himself?

    Lets look at the obvious deficiencies – we have a company that wants to do millions in business…

    1) No known funding
    2) Their only address is a mail drop at a Ralph’s grocery store
    3) They didn’t even have their own SSL certificate
    4) They are tied to other MLM sites owned by disreputable people
    5) No known board of directors or other workers
    6) They don’t have licenses to do financial management
    7) No known funding
    8) They do not list terms of service – ie – what percentage of the transaction do they take? How do they make their money?
    9) They have no phone numbers listed.

    The list just goes on and on…. When paypal started, did they have an address? Management team? Terms of service? Phone number?

    All we know is that a person tied to numerous other MLM sites is making promises that seem too good to be true— Just wait for the catch – a hypothetical guess is that you have to sign up for one of their credit cards to get money out of your account (which would explain where the $25 came from). Maybe the $25 can only be used at certain stores…

    Regardless without any backing or business licenses, how can anyone believe it could be true…..

  18. Guillermo

    Just go to and you’ll see some pictures as well.

    Damon is the true owner of Greenzap but Greenzap is registered under the name of Linda Murphy — Damon’s right hand person.

    They scammed people together. Goto and see these people’s faces.

    They give out $25 to new sign-ups from the $100 a member has to wire from their checking account to Greenzap’s account.

    A member must upgrade to receive referral fees and you can’t withdraw the $25.

  19. Click here you will be schoked.

    This is going to be your best disicussion.

  20. Hurm… refering to the forum.. i think you guys might be true.. i dont think greenzap is not cheating, how could he got all the money ? and send to the persons who just sign it up.. and plus the rewards? he is scam ? arghh but if we do sign it up , did we lose anything from it? i dont think so.. but there`s nothing wrong if we sign it up ,well u know we dont have to pay nothing, but at least we have to try it out. maybe he has a tricks from it. or even he will get a money from users with anyway he wants to.

  21. My fellow netizenz. Soon the greenzap community will grow worldwide with enormous potential to generate extremely high revenue. This is inevitable since we do anything for a buck, right? A smart campaign is all it takes and millions of internet users will follow. We can certainly get rich quick as per any multi-level marketing scheme, but if it’s driven by unethical and distrusted people, then what’s the sense in that! Somewhere down the line you got to pay the piper. If you can handle that, then happy zapping…

  22. Peter Vineyard

    [b]Greenzap scammed me![/b]

    [b]I pre-registered in the belief that I was being rewarded with $25 for joining and $5 for everyone I joined up. The currency of these rewards was specified as money.[/b]

    It turns out that the rewards are not money but are something named ‘webcash’. Webcash is a Greenzap internal currency the equivalent to ‘reward points’ and has no value outside the Greenzap site.

    Greenzap claims to be a worldwide payment processor. I am in Australia. After reading the user agreement (attached) I found that all payments are made in US dollars. To convert US dollars in Australia to Australian dollars it will cost me a minimum of $50 with the Greenzap fee and the bank currency conversion fee.

    To become a Greenzap Gold Member and take advantage of the rewards offered you have to deposit $100 money in your Greenzap account. This is instantly converted to valueless webcash.

    This appears to be a classical pyramid scheme disguised as an online payment processor. The product in this case is webcash. They have not bothered to put in place the facilities to make this a genuine worldwide online payment processor that the promoters claim it is. All they are interested in is getting people to part with $100 so that those people will be motivated to get others to part with $100 and so on.

    Most Ebay sales are less than $50. The cost of using Greenzap to receive money is dearer than PayPal for the average sale. If you happen to be outside the US the cost of using Greenzap will be far dearer than PayPal. They will not attract customers from online auctions because most transactions will be dearer for the seller. Buyers will soon realise that there is no value in the $25 webcash to join. As soon as a few people realize the value (or lack thereof of the $25 reward) word will spread like wildfire to bring the company down. It is obvious to me that very little work has gone into the online payment processor side of things.

    Their primary focus has been on the affiliate pyramid scheme side of things. Can you imagine the poor suckers who paid $100 to be a Gold member trying to sucker others to join when it is already regarded as a scam on most forums (even the Greenzap Community forum). The majority of the posts on the Greenzap Community Forum this morning were complaints about it being a scam or non-replies to emails by Greenzap. My guess is the forum site will delete the complaints I saw, as the Admin is one of the major promoters of Greenzap.

    I don’t think they will survive. The scam is so obvious that the authorities should close it down quickly to avoid people being scammed further. Even if they escape regulator attention through a loophole in the law, how many people will part with $100 to have it instantly made valueless?

  23. Sherry

    Well I joined Greenzap…in the beginning paypal offered a bit of money for referals so I thought good another paypal…wrongggggggg….okay so I have web cash…have even taken web cash for product that has been mailed…nobody takes webcash…it’s says ebay and amazon…well I can’t find a place where I can use my web cash…have written the company several times with no answer…if that isn’t a scam then what is one…my product has gone out and I’m stuck with NO money…

  24. guillermo

    You all had been scammed by Damon Westmoreland and everyone else running Greenzap scam. These people are Alex Sonkin, Michael Berstein, Lind Murphy, led by Damon Westmoreland. Stay clear from Greenzap scam.

    Now you all know the truth and the scam behind Greenzap.

  25. Mike

    Now that no one is signing up, they have turned it into a pump and dump stock scam- they sold GZ to a holding company (which they also control) for 75,000,000 shares of stock… now they are dumping these on the market.

    “Wall Street Capital Funding” was paid $30,000 to put out all sorts of promotions for their stock including faxes, and spamming the net.
    (just read the disclaimer at the bottom:
    “WSCF has been compensated for dissemination of company information on behalf of one or more of the companies mentioned in this release. WSCF has been compensated Thirty Thousand Dollars for coverage of NPW Development, Inc. (NPWV)”

    Suddenly Greenzap is now releasing all these press releases about itself trying to sell off some of their stock to poor fools.

    Anyway the one mistake they made is they are not licensed to transmit money… Anyone that has any dealings with them should report them:

  26. RS Brown

    To All,

    I am an attorney with 35 years experience both as a prosecutor and in private practice. Amongst other positions, I spent 11 years with Master Card Intl.

    Everything about this individual: Damon Westmoreland and his various enterprises is crooked. Some are out and out scams and some are skirting the line of being legitimate business.

    Anyone wishing to do a search will find many civil suits against him in a number of states. The largest lien levied against him was nearly 3/4’s of a million dollars.

    All of these so called legit enterprises are shady and are not in compliance with local. state and federal regs. The Mezuma company has been investigated for being out of compliance with the Patriot Act and Master Card/Visa and Federal Banking regulations. It is only a matter of time before it is shut down.

    They are not licensed to operate as they do and are passing themselves off as any number of professional financial type institutions. To be so, one must go through an exhaustive and complete background and financial investigation in order to obtain the necessary licenses to operate as a payment processor and or debit card issuer. Ultimately, the only people who can issue cards are financial institutions like Banks and Credit Unions.

    They, unfortunately have found an unethical source to front for them on this basis. When it is found out, all the people in the food chain will be shut down.

    If anyone out there is interested in checking out the state of the art in terms of a GreenZap and or Mezumah type company: please go to:

    They are at the leading edge of everything that Greenzap claims to be.

    The cream will rise to the top and Mr. Westmoreland’s past will catch up to him sooner or later. Absolutely stay away from anything that he is involved in.

  27. Richard

    Greenzap is going down in flames

  28. Napa-Nick

    RS Brown> You are right about Damon Westmoreland. He tried to ruin me by putting statements on Gov.E-mail about me.He hacked his way into the Gov. E-mail and I have now turned it over to the FBI and will send to the Attorney General next week with a lot of info on him that I researched. I am a investigating journalist and a TV News Freelance Producer, and will not stop until he is in prison……………Napa-Nick….

  29. you people are freaging crazy. Greenzap IS a scam. Stop dreaming or you will get hurt. You get the damon screw-me-land at the head and many other signs that this STINKS. and they are making un-authorized ‘upgrades’ to you account so they can jack up on fees you did not agrre with. Plus maybe identity theft on the future. …want proof…well sign up and you well get all the proof you need. It is just mind blowing that the authorities have not closed this scam already

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