For Those Using Ancient Software

There’s no reason why anyone should be using Internet Explorer these days, and the numerous articles from the mainstream press and security companies have been a testament to that.

Therefore, I’ve put up a message to anyone still using ancient software, namely those using Internet Explorer, and AOL, that they have a choice to easily upgrade their software. This message is only viewable if you’re using Internet Explorer. If you’re not seeing the message, congratulations, you’re not stuck in the Stone Age of the Internet.

By upgrading, you gain the benefit of increased security, features to make your daily internet usage more efficient and fun, and pages will load up faster.

We recommend these software that you can download for free:

Update: This has since been removed. Due to some people taking offense personally and becoming irate, I’ve taken the message down. I guess you can’t reason with the unreasonable.

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  1. Let’s not kid ourselves with the “ancient software” because technically I’m using an “ancient operating system” (Windows) as well and should instead be on the Mac.

    But the fact of the matter is, 99% of everything that comes out still caters to PCs and to Windows environments and also to Internet Explorer.

    You miss out on functionality and convenience when you use FireFox (for example). I do also have FireFox and while its a newer and better browser, it simply isn’t as supported as IE. While IE is “ancient” it is the giant most webmasters cater to. So the question isn’t whether I am using an “ancient browser” but it has more to do with how many web designers are catering to “ancient browsers”.

  2. The Windows analogy doesn’t work because there’s technically no better operating system for PC’s than Windows XP. Even Microsoft are forcing people to upgrade to Service Pack 1 due to security reasons. We’re fortunate to have better choices when it comes to browsers, though.

    I’ve been using Firefox for years, and the only thing I ever miss out on are bank sites, and Windows Update.

    However, IE, until the new version comes out, has so many problems. I won’t dig into the security problems, because everyone already know about the extensive problems the browser has compared to Firefox, and the slow response times by MS to fix them. There’s also the fact that it takes hours upon hours to debug sites for IE to work fine. That’s fine if I’m getting paid, but I’m not going to waste my time on my own blog, and I want to support the future of the web by encouraging people to upgrade.

    The mentality that because a large portion of so-called “web designers” still catering to IE and not aot any other browser, that you should fall in line and just give up fighting for the right thing, is not something I’m likely to do. I love the web, and want to see it advance, not be held back by stubborn companies.

  3. If you look at this site’s front page in both IE and Firefox, you’ll see it has lots of problems in IE. That’s because there’s no hacks to make IE work right, and the code validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict. You’ll then say who cares about web standards and XHTML, it doesn’t work in IE, but that’s Microsoft fault because they’re on the W3C board, they helped come up with web standards, and the XHTML language.

    Don’t you think they should support it, too? The only reason why they don’t is because they want only their browser to work good, to stifle competition, so they came up with their own conventions, totally ignoring the W3C, which they’re still a member of, ironically.

  4. Cindy

    I appreciate the fact that I can now see Good Blimey again since I don’t have a choice over which browser I use at work, and I am prohibited to download anything for “security purposes”. When you block IE users from seeing your site, I am one of the screwed. So, mucho thanks, for enabling Good Blimey to be viewed on Crappy IE once again. (If it was up to me, we’d all be on Firefox here at work too)

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