Weird Musical Moods

Taking pride in my diverse tastes in music, I tend to explore and be delighted when I enjoy a new style of music. Long-time visitors to this blog know that I went through a period there where I was really into rockabilly, and I still am, just not as heavily.

Nowadays though, I find myself enjoying bluesgrass, and the works of composer, Yann Tiersen.

You may know of Yann’s work if you saw the excellent, and delightful film, Amelie. It is one of those types of movies, while eccentric, gives you guilty pleasures, and plenty of it. It’s simple, yet compelling. With Yann composing the score for the film, it made it immeasurably appealing.

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  1. I enjoy listening to the Amelie soundtrack and also enjoyed the movie. The soundtrack is a refreshing change from contemporary heavy bass music.

  2. My thoughts exactly, it’s refreshing and fun. It was what made the movie so enjoyable, if you ask me.

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